By: Kevin '11


Written law

  • Consists of 5 books
  • Given by God to Moses at Mount Sinnai
  • The torah was given on the 6th day of Sivan 2448 years after Creation. This corresponds to early summer of the year 1313 BCE.
  • Include all the biblical laws of Judaism
  • It is simply a code that we are meant to live by. It dictates our lives, tells us what's allowed and whats forbidden, however it offers no further explanation or interpretation.

Oral Law


  • First part of the Talmud
  • First written recording of the Oral Law
  • It was chosen to be written down by Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi at about 220 CE
  • Considered a secondary source
  • Doesn't contain only one opinion, shows many
  • It holds many commentaries on laws
  • From the Mishnah, you can derive laws, based upon precedent

  • Second part of the Talmud
  • Is essentially a commentary on the Mishnah
  • Made recently after the destruction of the Second Temple and was compiled by many Rabbis
  • Obviously made after the Mishnah
  • Still provides framework for various types of Judaism practiced today