this is my info graphic for you the TRUTH of the most common MATH MYTHS

first myth: there's math people and there is non math people

false actually this is just what people think about when someone gets something quickly

this is just them getting it better because they had better past experiences with that

second myth: guys are better than girls in math

this is not true tho the reason for it is because girls prefer to know why than to memorize facts and algorithms[guys are more likely to tolerate memorization without understanding

third myth: mathematicians do problems quickly and never make mistakes.

this is incredibly untrue actually mathematicians learn new stuff slow and it is very time consuming and they make errors like you and me

fourth myths: speed is a measure of ability in mathematics

speed is not a measure of abilities in math although it was taught like one when we were kids it is not.

fifth myth: Children learn math concepts by playing video games

studies show that teens and up get better with spatial skills with video games not necessary for people under teens but don't get me wrong there is games you can give to your children that can give them better abilities with math.