Message from our Principal

This is our final week before Thanksgiving Break!

Last week I shared a blog about the relationship between early reading and life success. It was wonderful to see so many of our families support reading by allowing their children to purchase books at last week's book fair. For the rest of this month, we hope to highlight the importance of reading...not only at school, but also at home. Check out the graphic below:

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Although we will continue to make time for reading at school, making reading part of your routine at home can have HUGE long-term benefits. Start with a shared bedtime story. If your child is old enough to read, let them read to you or a younger sibling. If your child wants to play video games, let playing games be the reward for reading first...and remember, it doesn't have to be a huge amount of reading. A little reading goes a long way!

Fifth & Sixth Grade Dance

This past Saturday, our fifth and sixth graders had their first school dance. On behalf our school, I want to thank our PTO officers and other parents who helped make this event so special for our students. Although I took a few pictures, the good ones were shared by parent and substitute teacher, Keisha Ray. Thanks Mrs. Ray!

Art & Projects!

Over the past few weeks, our halls have been filled with some amazing artwork (thanks Mrs. Loyd) as well as some impressive projects. Mrs. McCollin's fourth graders showed off their creative skills as they completed Lightbulb Projects representing a variety of characters.
Mark Your Calendar

First Semester Dates

Next week, schools are closed for Thanksgiving Break! As a school, we are so thankful for our entire school family, especially our students and their families.

  • November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break (schools closed)
  • December 20-January 4 - Winter Break (schools closed)

For additional dates, you can access this link for the 2021-2022 district calendar.


Mask Update

According to the MCSS Dashboard, we had no positive COVID cases this past week. Masks in schools are optional as long as our positivity rate remains below 2.5%. The TSA is still requiring masks on school buses. Should this change, we will let families know.

Unexcused Absences & Truancy Letters

Each weekend, we will continue to send out letters to families that have 1, 3, or 7 unexcused absences. Please know that we are required to send these messages out. According to our registrar, the quickest and easiest way to fix unexcused absences is to email Mrs. Shaneyfelt at tshaneyfelt@mcssk12.org.

Morning Drop-off & Breakfast

If your child is a car-rider, please try to arrive no later than 7:30 so your child has enough time to get breakfast before classes start at 7:45.


New Teacher Highlight

Mrs. Amelia Evans is our new Math Coach. She moved with her husband and children from the Birmingham area to Huntsville in January of 2021 to be part of the pastoral staff at Rivertree Church. She says being part of the New Hope family has been an extra special bonus. This is her 13th year in teaching. During that time she has been a classroom teacher, an ESL Specialist, and Math Coach. Her passion is sharing the love of learning (especially in mathematics) with both teachers and students. She has been married for 14 years to her high school sweetheart, Josh. Together, they have 3 beautiful children: Reid (10-years-old), Haddon (5-years-old), and Molly Ruth (4-years-old). The family loves anything outdoors, including baseball and camping. They also love spending time with family and friends. The Auburn pic is Mrs. Evans with some more members of her family. She is clearly an Auburn fan...and couldn't resist sharing a "War Eagle!"
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November Breakfast Menu

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November Lunch Menu

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Community News
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New Tribe System

As part of our school community, we are doing something new this year. We are implementing a new "Tribe System." All of our students and staff are randomly sorted into one of four groups — our learning and leadership communities for students. Schools with a system like this in place rave about the impact it has on the educational experience. Students report how it helps them form friendships and closer bonds with peers. Teachers note how students perform at higher levels as they earn points for demonstrating excellence both academically and behaviorally.

The Tribe System does the following:

  1. It creates a culture of belonging as students are recognized and cheered on by their peers for accomplishments that lift up the entire tribe. Throughout the year, parents and caregivers can also support their child's tribe as each tribe participates in various community service projects and competitions designed to be fun for all.
  2. It creates school-wide community by creating opportunities for students to connect to staff and students in other classes and grades that share their tribe. Older students learn how to be leaders by mentoring and supporting younger students. Mentoring extends to teachers and staff who are also assigned a tribe.
  3. It builds character through a reward system that goes beyond earning a piece of candy for doing something good. Each individual achievement adds to a collective group, making the reward communal and social. Schools with this system in place report seeing huge benefits as students realize the impact good character has on their overall well-being.
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School Mission & Vision

Our school mission and vision drive everything we do. As parents/caregivers, YOU are our most important partner! As you share school-related pictures on our school Facebook page don't forget to use our hashtag: #learnleadloveNHES
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