PSA Poster

By Evan Drescher

How Does the compass work

No matter where you are in the world the compass will always point north at the north poll. This works because the Earths magnetic field makes the compass work. By the outer core and the inner core spin in opposite directions. this cause it to function to north to south to east to west. That is all you need to know about the compass.

credit to for helping me.

What is In the compass

The compass has a metal line with two pointed tips and both ends. Both tips have a red color and a silver color. Red is positive leading towards north (north is positive) and silver leading south (south being negative). Then the two arrows point in certain directions. Making it point where ever you are standing in the world, like North, East, South, and West. That is a compass.

The new compass

The new compass of the world is the GPS. This is helping people in military actions, driving across the country, or looking stuff up on the internet (like Google maps). This is the new and improve GPS, Compasses are a thing in the past since we have the GPS. what they were like back in the day were coordinates and then when you were done entering the coordinates it will give a place that has been entered in the machine. Now satellites give a image around the earth at specific times and sends it to your GPS but every load time is different. This is the reason why because different satellites have different processing times in the area and cause it to take longer to load. That is why you have the GPS in the world and how it works.

How I got the information for "the new compass" and " What is a compass" is information that I got from the class room.