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We are off and running!

I hope you all can agree that we are off to a good start to the school year. That is not to say there have not been a few bumps and bruises along the way, but that is to be expected. We even made it through our first half day! I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know your children and while we are still working out some kinks I know we will are learning and working our hardest. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Snack Time

Thank you for sending daily snacks with your children. A few students are complaining that they do not like what is being sent in for them, so I am encouraging them to talk to you about their snack choices. There are also a few students that are still hungry after they finish what is being sent in for them You might want to ask your child if they need more snack or if what they have is enough. I do realize we are not eating a meal, but 1:00 pm is a long time to wait for lunch. Lastly, I still have a couple students that are eating their lunch for their snack. Even though I try to watch this very closely it does slip by me sometimes. If you fear your child may be one of these students, please put their snack directly in their bag so as not to confuse them. Thanks!

Thank You!

Thank you SO much for all the supplies! I truly appreciate the donations and supplies you have sent in, they do make the classroom run much smoother. We have already put many items to good use. We clean our desks daily and the cups have been greatly appreciated after recess on these hot afternoons! If you have not sent in a 1/2 inch binder for your child and you are able to I would really appreciate that within the next few weeks. We will be using them for our writing journals.

Restroom Restlessness

The bathroom has become a BIG issue for many in our class! As I mentioned in our meeting before school began, we are the only kindergarten classroom without a bathroom inside the classroom. However, we are located directly next to the restrooms so this is usually not an issue. My bathroom policy tends to be that at any one time 2 boys and 2 girls may be in the restroom at the same time, if someone asks to use the restroom and all the passes are out I politely ask them to wait until a pass of their gender comes back. However, if I have a student that is really having an emergency I will let them go while the other 4 are out. This process usually works and I am sure it will work eventually for us as well, but I do need a little help. I have a great many students that are still very fascinated with the bathroom. Many of girls have been trying to get a friend to go at the same time they go so they can play and talk while they are in there. In turn students that really need to go to the bathroom cannot because someone else has taken the pass to go and visit. This also means that there is a child missing valuable classroom instruction. In the boys restroom we have been dealing with VERY loud talking and playing around as well. I have had students brought back to me on multiple occasions because of choices in the bathroom. The problem lies in the fact that I do not want to make the call as to if a child really has to go to the restroom or not. I do not want to tell a child "no" and then have them have an accident. I do however want the children in the classroom learning and paying attention, not in the bathroom playing. If we cannot get the bathroom issues resolved we will be forced to take classroom bathroom breaks and all go at the same time. We review procedures daily, but please go over the proper etiquette with your children at well.

How did you like S'more?

So, how did you like S'more? This is the e-newsletter I use and I love it, I hope you do as well. If you notice that someone in your family received this and you did not please let me know and we can fix that! I do not have email addresses for every parent yet and I am human so I may have typed a few in incorrectly. Also, if you have any other family members that would like to receive our classroom newsletter send me their email address and I will happily add them as well! I'm looking forward to another great week! See you tomorrow!