Boston Marathon Bombing

By: Jessica Sun


Who: Bomber suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

What: Two bombs were set off near the Boston Marathon finish line; killed 3 spectators and injured 264 runners

When: April 15th, 2013 - April 19th, 2013

Where: Hopkington, Boston (Massachusetts)

Why: Revenge for U.S. wars in Muslim

This incident became controversial when some said that it was an act of terrorism due to the fact that it was plotted.

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Perspectives & Lenses

This incident was told through many point of views. From the runner's and spectator's view, it was told with sadness and tragedy. With their perspectives, it was told in terror. In the police officer's and president's point of view, it was told with honor and respect. With their perspectives, it was told in a memorable way. And in the bomber's view, it was told with righteous and revenge. With their perspective, it was a right incident because it was revenge for the historical attacks on their countries.


Throughout all the news article reports, it can acknowledged that some of them were bias while some of them were unbiased. In the bias point of view, the bombing incident was viewed as an act of terrorism. In the unbiased point of view, the bombing incident was only portrayed with facts.

In CNN online news, it was portrayed in the view that the bombers were in with terrorist organizations. They did this with the way they selected the sources, the way they selected the stories, and the way the put a spin on the incident. in the news article, they added a part about how both bombers had unverified Visas and how their American citizenship was not approved.

In ABC online news, it was also portrayed in a point of view similar to CNN's news article. The only difference was that it portrayed bias in a different way. They did it with labeling. They used the words evil,no soul and terrorists.

In History online news, it was portrayed in an unbiased point of view. All the information and story selections in this article are facts and unbiased.


This event can be categorized as historical and cultural criticisms. Because of the historical big 9/11 scare back in 2001, many Americans were terrified of the terrorists organizations. The big scare was caused by the hatreds of Americans. It was plotted to destroy as many Americans as they could. This is a cultural belief to those who thought like that. Due to that incident, many Americans believe that this was somehow associated with the terrorism.
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