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Have you been thinking about setting up your own online Radio Station? ...... But you

Are afraid of all the technical complications - it drives you nuts?

Are not to sure where to start or what equipment to use?

Feel your voice is not professional enough?

Don't feel pod caste can help you earn an income?

Then Sign Up & Get further information

... On How You Can Run Your Own Radio Station From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Podcast Training
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Hi, I'm Trevor Carter - Free2live2 Radio Host

But Trevor I don't have a clue where to start or what podcast is?

I know just how you feel. These are some of the questions I was personally asking myself 5 years ago.

Looking back it amazed me to know how quick human beings are at undermining our ability to try something new!!

Now I am so glad I made the commitment to become a radio host, it's so rewarding for me knowing that it is having a significant positive impact upon my listeners worldwide.

Have you ever wondered why some people make it and others don’t, even if they start at the same time and have the same tools available?

When I first started hosting I wasn't an expert or some special guy. I was an ordinary man who was passionate about doing something to help myself as well as others.

7 years on 37,000 people have downloaded my shows, and that number continues to compound and grow daily.

The truth is if you don't take action you will stay exactly where you are, your circumstances DON’T change by themselves. Days, weeks and months roll around and the next time an opportunity shows up – you find yourself in exactly the same place – unable to say ‘Yes’.

So be honest – how many times has this happened to you?

It’s time to BREAK THE PATTERN, If you want to make progress and grow, it's time to TAKE ACTION.

I’m ready to show you HOW . I'll also arrange for you to have a 1 to 1 session with me personally after the course

Due to high demand, I've extended this two days training course offer... Don't delay!

Book free2live2 to come and do a training

You Will Discover

  • How to sound like a professional host
  • What type of people do podcasting
  • How to organise your show before and after the programme
  • The importance of knowing your target / niche market
  • What equipment you need before you start
  • How to attract sponsorship and donations
  • What is podcasting
  • How to promote yourself (in the media etc)
  • Plus lots more!!

Book free2live2 NOW!

Want to get your training and have your own podcast show up and running within 30 min

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Book free2live2 for your group Now

Podcasting Is Becoming More & More Popular

The number of available podcasts doubled to more than 191,000 in 2011, compared to nearly 90,000 the year before. Major worldwide companies are using the power of podcast to promote their businesses, services or products.

I recently went through all of my products and packaged up the best of the best. My goal was to choose the ones that I knew you would be able to put to use immediately.

I’m giving you just one chance to get all of this at an unbelievably low price as a special deal

I'm offering it for... media organisations, schools, collages, coaching companies, churches, community groups. Based any were wthin UK.

Groups of 25 people only

Give us a call and book your spot..qualify for special discount special offer

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Remember - Groups of 25 only - once they are gone they are gone!

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Give us a call and book for your group.2 days training course

Sounds Great Value. What else do I get Trevor?

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Special bonus - 1 month's FREE coaching with me!! (Value £200 )

Yes you will get personal momentum coaching with me for one month via Skype,. This way I can continue to mentor, support and help you to get started.

Making sure you get yourself heard and make some awesome connections within podcast community. I will even give you templates for email / letters you can use to invite guests onto your show.

Wait a minute there is more!

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Have your own radio show up and running 'live' within 30 mins!!!!

HOLD ON there is more! inside this training I will be show your group how to set up your very own radio station and how to have it up and running within 30 mins...

I am very passionate and committed to your success in helping you accomplish how to set up and be a great online host!!!

I will even give you my ready made 'invite guest' email templates

(Former Student & Subsequent Guest) Testimonial - Sandra Rodney UK

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Sandra Rodney was one of my students. Sandra is a single mum, she came to me in 2012 to ask me how to set up her own radio show. She had been thinking about having her own show for quite a while. She wanted to to run a show about ‘Relationships’. I taught her some very simple steps and within 2-3 months she had 30-40 thousand hits on her show. She now also has a contract to visit a number of US talk show stations to do talks on relationships. Sandra will be joining us as a guest via Skype to share with YOU her amazing story.
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Rebecca Gordan

“I first came to know Trevor Carter when we connected through LinkedIn. I was invited to be a guest on his Radio Programme ‘Free2Live’ in November 2012. After that thoroughly enjoyable experience, in which I was interviewed and spoke to callers who rang into the show, I excitedly had discussions with Trevor on how I could host my own radio show!

Always willing to share information and provide help to entrepreneurs, Trevor shared information with me about his series of Webinars that would set me up to confidently start my own show. With live webinars and detailed information on what equipment I would need, how to set up my studio, information on marketing, in a very short period of time, I was good to go!

Due to the excellent delivery and information provided in the webinar, I immediately took action to set up my show and recorded test programmes within the week! One month later I was at the stage of lining up guests and recording shows on my Coaching Lounge Radio Programme.

For anyone thinking about having their own radio show, I would recommend Trevor Carter’s webinar as the place to start. This will propel you into action and get you up and running sooner rather than later!”

June 2013

More Testimonals

“I like the show and truly feel that Trevor Carter is an excellent host. I’d highly recommend the show to friends, family and total strangers because Trevor Carter covers some very interesting & diverse topics”

Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc (UK)

"You have a great show, keep up the great work in spreading the message to our youths and others to get educated and learn that the streets don't love you back.”

Robert D Boyd Jr (USA)

Kezys Blog
"Trevor is a very friendly and welcoming host. he asked great questions”

Kereen Getten (UK)

"I found Trevor a very good presenter (as I am a presenter myself)

He has a nice style of interviewing, clear, concise and conversational. I felt I was being listened to and really enjoyed the dialogue between us."

Esther Austin (UK)

"The show host - Trevor Carter is passionate about connecting with his listeners and making a positive difference in their lives."

Debbye Cannon (USA)

Group bookings of 25 people only

... But what if I'm completely new to this

No Problem

and here's Why ...

  • You don't have to have any qualifications
  • You don't have to come from a media background
  • It does not matter if you have zero or absolute beginner skills
  • You don't have to study many hours of theory on podcast
  • You don't have to have a website just to get on air live

This webinar is open to all who have a desire / passion to be heard or to help others get their message out there. All you need is to be YOU

What Resourses Will I Need for the course?

Just your laptop... That's it !

Great I am in!

Group bookings of 25 people only.Book your 2 days training

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Bonuses - include 1 months free coaching

Ready made email templates to send to your guest/s

Sandra Rodney or Rebecca Gordan testimonial story

Plus have your own radio show up and running live within 30 mins!

Trevor, I need to ask you some more questions?

If you're still wondering if this is the right opportunity for your business / hobby / group etc... give me a call... I'm more than happy to have a chat with you.

Contact me - Trevor Carter

Email: cartertrevor84@yahoo.com

Skype: topcat47

Mobile: 07588777470

Lets talk!