NMS January Lunch and Learn

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Google Chrome Extensions

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Do you ever wonder what those little icons are on someone's Chrome Web Browser? They are extensions! These little buttons can make your work so much more efficient. For example, you can use them to:

  • Send an email that will self-destruct (yes, for real!)
  • Access your Google Drive or Gmail without leaving your tab
  • One click QR codes or short URLs
  • One click Google Hangouts
  • Block annoying ads on websites like Youtube
  • Record your screen with audio to create how-to videos
  • Post something immediately to Google Classroom
  • Once click and open all of your daily tabs at once
  • Cut your tabs apart to view 2 screens and once and then glue them back together

You do not have to be a teacher with devices! These extensions are for everyone!

Come and learn what extensions are, how you can get them, which are best for teachers, and which are approved for students. We will be in the library classroom on Wednesday, January 27th, during all 3 lunches. Bring your food and learn something helpful. We will start shortly after lunch begins.

Earn a Jeans Pass for Attending!

Annette Clark, M.Ed

Digital Learning Coach