Panda PAWS 4.5

January 31-February 4, 2022

Important Events for the Week:

Jeans for Staff will continue for the month of February! :)

2022-23 Teacher of the Year Nomination Window: Jan. 31-Feb. 3

January 31:
  • MOY CIRCLE Testing for PK 4
  • Ashley Boysen on campus
  • 2022 TOY Nomination Window opens

February 1:
  • 100th day of school!
  • MOY CIRCLE Testing for PK 4

February 2:
  • MOY CIRCLE Testing for PK 4
  • Free Dress Day!

February 3:
  • MOY CIRCLE Testing for PK 4
  • TOY Nomination Window closes

February 4:
  • MOY CIRCLE Testing for PK 4
  • 3 TOY Finalists are notified before ballots go out February 7.
  • #EPED Prizes go home
  • Spirit Day

Planning Ahead:

February 7-11: Friendship Week: We will have a dress up week to celebrate Friendship Week and Valentine’s Day. A flyer is coming next week for that.

February 11: Valentine’s Day parties: Since Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, our Guiding Coalition made the collaborative decision to move Friendship week up and Valentine’s day parties to the Friday before Valentine’s Day. Party expectations are the same as they were in December: no money may be collected and only store bought items can be brought in for the parties. If you have questions please see Jennifer or Tracy.

February 11: This is also the last day of CIRCLE MOY Testing for PK 4. If Covid becomes an issue for either Teachers or students, we can work on finding some solutions or an extension if necessary. Please do not let CIRCLE Testing become a priority over your personal health.

February 14: The PK 4 Curriculum is scheduled to be released for the 5th 6 weeks on this date. It is delayed due to the C&I Department helping sub on campuses.

February 18: Spring Parent Conference Day: Parent conferences will be held virtually due to COVID safety restrictions. No parents will be allowed on campus for these meetings. Please make efforts to meet with all of your parents to discuss academic progress, behavior and or attendance concerns. You may email your Parent conference documentation to Tracy by the end of February in case there are parents who are not available on February 18. Conferences should not start before this date.

Purposeful Planning: Due to lack of Guest Educators and the challenges that are coming with COVID, we will not be scheduling a formal half day planning time for the 5th 6 Weeks for teams. If Teams would like to meet after school, we can make sure you receive PD Credit for your time. Just get with Tracy to get this scheduled in Eduphoria. We hope to resume regular Purposeful Planning for the 6th 6 Weeks. More info will come on that at a later date.

I really appreciate everyone’s flexibility and willingness to help out in these challenging times.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact one of your Administrators.

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Library Update from Ms. Popkin:

Quick Cards – Please send the cards home with students as soon as possible. They were placed in your box this week. I will be posting help videos for parents in SeeSaw starting next week. If you have students without a card and need help with printing, please let me know.

Resources for Black History Month:

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Congratulations to Eva Reyes, the District Teacher of the Month for January!

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Shout Outs!

From Karen Nichols:

Shout out to the Pierce family for showing patience and lending hands after my mishap last weekend: Special shout outs to the front office ladies for opening doors, to Zandra for walking me out to my car in the afternoons (and the Diet Coke!) , to Ms. Gonzales for being “Pierce Eats” and bringing me lunch from the cafeteria, to Brooke for sharing a resource she had at home, to everyone who helped (literally!) pick me up when I was down, and all the caring words. Pierce is the best!

From Jennifer Dickson:

Shout out to our Campus Leadership Ambassadors for the fun treat in our boxes this week.

Shout out to EVERYONE being so caring and intentional when it comes to providing awesome experiences for our students each day!

Something to remember when your day with your kids doesn't go as planned: It was not a waste! They were in a nurturing environment, eating regular meals and snacks while being surrounded by YOU working so hard to pour postitive things into them. It was still a great day!!

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to Room 111 for being flexible in helping me with the activities I plan for story time. I always have fun with your students!

Shout out to Ms. Luna for all your hard work! You’re the best!

From Whitney McKimmey:

Huge shout out to Mrs. Reyes for translating a difficult ARD and rocking it!!

Shout out to Parish and Lazo for making my birthday very special!!

Shout out to Ms. Dickson for supporting our crazy team decisions during PLC!

Shout out to the ECSE team for awesome collaboration, I so appreciate each of you!

Shout out to Brooke for continuing to be my school mom and all the support!

From Ashley Boysen:

Jennifer Dickson: Thank you for being so flexible and understanding with my schedule so that I could assist the other two campuses in covering classrooms these last two weeks!

Panda Staff – You. Are. Amazing. January has been filled with challenges, and you have risen to meet each one of them with a smile on your face! Thank you for everything you are doing for our earliest learners. Our students are so blessed to have such a caring and determined army of grownups that are truly committed to providing a positive learning experience.

Team Leads: When I came to tell you about the need to change the way purposeful planning would be done for the 5th six weeks, not ONE of you complained. It would be understandable to be frustrated at the loss of time, but you didn’t bother. You went right in to problem solving mode and came up with plans on how to get it done alternatively. Thank you for being so quick to pivot and for doing it in a positive way! 😊

From Jackie Knutson:

Donna Callhoun for working with the ECSE on our communication goal and CFA. We are so excited to get started on our new journey.

Amber Wise- I wanted to shout out you last week, but I missed it. Thanks for taking care, stepping up, and getting the things you need to support your students!

Brooke Robertson- for always going above and beyond. I know these last few weeks have been tougher than most, but you are a ROCK!!!! Thank you for all you do.

Karen- for stepping up in ECSE when we needed help. Your wisdom in working with our population of students.

Ms. Warren I really enjoy how you work with our students. They look forward to your lessons every time you come in.

From Tracy Gonzales:

Ms. Luna, thank you so very much for your flexibility and meeting classroom needs.

Lupe, only you can do what you do and you do an amazing job at our campus for our staff and students. Thank you.

Thank you Ursula for your readiness to help out in a classroom when needed.

Thank you Gabby and Joann for showing up and supporting our campus as Guest Educators. We appreciate you.

Thank you Cristal for putting the campus data together in one PowerPoint. Great Job!

From Stephanie Reeder:

Ms. Luna- Thank you for all your help these past few weeks! I have enjoyed working with you and the kids love you!

Julie and Teresa- I love our new dynamic. Thank you for all the help these past few days and taking care of my afternoon friends!

Ms. Torres- You have been amazing these past 2 days!

Mrs. Delapena and Mrs. Segovia- Thank for all your help during arrival and dismissal! I have the best neighbors!

Ms. Dickson and Mrs. Gonzales- Thank you for all y’all do for our school!


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