Spring into Your Beach Body!

Making Getting Bathing Suit Ready Fun!


Our April 30-Day Challenge is going to help you get in great shape for summer. Challenge groups work, provide accountability in a fun way on your time with your schedule no matter where you are.


The whole month of April. We are not April Fools!! We know we have to start NOW to get the bodies we want by summer!


We will meet through a "Secret" group on Facebook! All you need is a little floor space, a DVD player and access to Facebook.


We will pick the program that is right for you! Like "Hip Hop"? "Turbo"? Always wanted to try "P90X" (on sale through me this month) or "Insanity"? Did you know there is "P90X2" (also on sale through me this month)? Well make it fun and something you want to do so you achieve the results you are after. And Shakeology...the Healthiest Meal of the Day!


For your health, for yourself, because you and your family deserve a healthy you!


JoLynn Wright...that's me! I WANT to help. I love fitness, AND I have been there and I am doing that! I lost 45 pounds over the last year. I changed my life and I want to help you change yours too Whether you want to lost weight, tone up, or add muscle. I want to be your partner. I'm a busy mom of 3 kids and one husband. I understand what leading a busy life is about.
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Let's do this thing!

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