January 11, 2016

Jan 8


1/11/16 - SBIT Meeting - Front Office Conference Room - 7:45am

1/11/16 - PL Smart Board Training - Room 816 - Planning

1/12/16 - All A&B Celebration - Gym - 8:50am

1/12/16 - All A Celebration - Gym - 1:30pm

1/13/16 - School Spelling Bee - Media Center - 9:00am

1/13/16 - Fire Drill - Afternoon Drill

1/15/16 - 7th Grade Faculty Breakfast - Room 700 - 7:45am

1/18/16 - MLK Holiday

1/22/16 - Attendance Luncheon for December Attendance Winners

january 12th faculty meeting

We will cancel the faculty meeting scheduled for January 12. Enjoy your afternoon!

spring semester tkes observations

Below you will find a "schedule" of our Spring Semester TKES observations. You will be seeing different administrators in your classroom during your walkthroughs, but your current administrator will complete your formative and summative assessments.

At the top, you will see the dates each observation must be completed by as well as 3 standards we will be looking for during that particular observation. However, this will not limit us to commenting or rating only those standards listed.

I also wanted to remind you that during our mid-year conference, we stated that we would be looking at the following as we rated standards 9 and 10 for the formative and summative assessments: attendance, punctuality, correspondence, committee/club participation, meeting participation, RTI/504/ESEP guidelines, grade books, webpages, and any other scenario that would fall under those standards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Remember, this is our focus for spring semester as a faculty - did you attend last week?


Like many of you, there are nights where I struggle to fall asleep. On those nights, I find myself searching for inspirational or motivational videos, articles, books, or quotes. A large part of my coaching background focused on motivating others so I connect with many of the things that I hear and read. While most of the videos seem to have a sports or athletic theme to them, when I close my eyes and listen to the words, I can apply them to all aspects of my life...my current job, my personal areas of focus, my family, and even my spiritual relationship with God.

As I listened to the video below, I took away three quotes that really resonated with me...

1. Am I putting my best into the things that I am doing?

2. Am I developing my gifts?

3. Small ideas and ambitions bring small successes, but big ideas and ambitions bring big successes.

So my questions to you are this....

1. Are you putting your best into the things that you know will help you improve in certain areas of your life (personal, spiritual, family, professional)?

2. Are you continuing to develop your talents?

3. What are your ideas/ambitions for you? What are your ideas/ambitions for your students?


NEW Motivational Video 2016 - Be Extraordinary

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