Rajan Dhaliwal

who am i ?

Hi my name is Rajan Dhaliwal. i am 15 years old. i am from Toronto Ontario. i live in Brampton and i attend Louise arbor secondary school. i am in grade 10. i was born in Toronto and then moved to Malton and then Brampton. i went to schools all around Brampton. my hobbies are to play sports and video games and go out. i am person who is out going. i believe in god for those who don't. my religion is Sikhism. my interests are dancing and playing sports. i am hardworking person




The type of leadership style i have is i am persuader. i persuade my cousins to follow a good pathway and make future like how i am going to or like my older sister and go to university. this is the type of leadership style i have and i am trying to lead it on other people as well so they can make a future rather than smoke or sleep on the streets



my role model

my role models are my parents. these guys are my role model because they support me in everything i do. they raise me and they help me out when i am stuck. they encourage me to the right steps and the right pathway. they will do anything for me so i can make a life and a future. after all my parents are what i have and they are the reason why i am on earth.

learning style

visual learner. i learn by looking and seeing.


ESTJ, my personality's are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)


the professional , i am a person who is a expert at his own work


physical education, Physical Education courses helps me understand and appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. Topics may include: Sports, Wellness and Health Sciences.


achievement , You want the chance to put your skills, knowledge and abilities to the test. You need to feel like you’ve accomplished something, maybe even something that will stand the test of time.


it is right for me ,Find a Compatibility Score for your top occupation matches based on real-world work activities and tasks.

reflection on tests

the one test that was the most accurate for me and that determined what type a person or what i want be is personality. my personality is ESTJ, Extroverted , sensing , thinking and judging. after doing this test and knowing my most accurate source i would want to try a several of things in life because i have it in me and in my personality. i am a thinker , sensing and judging . i would try being a real estate agent and a financial manager or a lawyer. the lest successful test was the knowledge one. this was the least helpful because it only told me my physical knowledge , it didn't really help me out with what i wan to be or what i am at the moment. my four weakness are that my knowledge if you think about the tests.secondly it is my motivation and compatibility and my confidence. this test really surprised me because this was the first time i ever did this and i learned a lot out of this which might help me choosing my future.