Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali's Life Story

Muhammad Ail-Childhood

Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1942 of January 17th. As a kid Muhammad was always amused by boxing and love watching it, but he never thought he would have any interest in boxing his self. But as he got older and matured more his opinion boxing changed. By middle school Muhammad had his very own trainer his name was martin. Martin thought him the basic fundamentals of boxing.

Muhammad Ali-Rising to the top

Just a few days into practice and Coach Martin already knew Muhammad Ali had something special. The way Muhammad could pack such a powerful punch and had such great force with was amazing, lets not forget that he was moving at a great rate of speed.
Muhammad Ali - Amazing Speed

Muhammad Ali-The Legend Lives on.

By the time Muhammad was a professional boxer he was notorious for winning all of his matches! But makes it even more incredible was that all his wins were all pretty much by knockout/K.O. In 1959 Muhammad won the Golden Gloves Champion and was also a Olympic gold medalist that next year. By the end of Muhammad's boxing carrier he is in the boxing hall of fame.
Muhammed Ali - Best of [HD]

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