Sexual Assault and Abuse

By: Alexa Cranford

What is Sexual Assault ?

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. This falling under the definitions of

sexual activities such as......

- Forced sexual intercourse

- Forcible sodomy

- Child molestation

- Incest

- Fondling

- Attempted rape and

-Sticking objects in body as a sexual manner that's not just in vaginal region

Sexual Assault Facts.

Approximately 4 out of 5 sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim, such as in the case of intimate partner sexual violence or acquaintance rape.

Sexual Assault can happen to all ages.

Even in married one can be sexually assaulted male or female.

What is Abuse?

Sexual abuse is any sort of non-consensual sexual contact. Sexual abuse can happen to men or women of any age. Sexual abuse by a partner/intimate can include derogatory name calling, refusal to use contraception, deliberately causing unwanted physical pain during sex, deliberately passing on sexual diseases or infections and using objects, toys, or other items without consent and to cause pain or humiliation.

Is it just for adults?

Sexual abuse can be inflicted on a child.

  • Sexual touching of any part of the body, clothed or unclothed;
  • Penetrative sex, including penetration of the mouth;
  • Encouraging a child to engage in sexual activity, including masturbation;