Heat by Mike Lupica

Paul Sarle

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Heat is about Michael Arroyo who grows up in the Bronx near Yankee stadium. But Michael faces serious problems in his day to day life. Michaels dad just died so,he only lives with his seventeen year old brother. If social services finds out out about there situation they will be separated or brought back to Cuba. But then someone says how can a twelve year old throw as much heat as Michael. With no way to prove his age Michaels secret of having no parents is blown open to the world.

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The Main Characters

Theme of The book

The theme of this book is that family is important especially during tough times. However the main character learns that family doesn't have to be blood related to you. This means that friends can be as close as family and can help you out during tough times.

From the beginning of the book when Michael and Carlos got orphaned, Carlos said he will take care of them even though he is only seventeen. Carlos said to Michael that "we are going to stay a family, and we are going to stay in this apartment until you graduate from high school and then the Yankees come and offer you a big bonus contract and then we live happily ever after, the way Papi promised." (Page 39)-Carlos Arroyo. Carlos continued to take care of Michael until they almost got caught. Then when there secret came out Mr.Gibbs a person from child services said that he will look out for them until Carlos turns eighteen. Mr.Gibbs made Carlos and Michael feel like he was family to them.

Setting of the book

The main setting of the book is the baseball field. Although Michael has tough family life during baseball something positive always happens to him. For example, even if Michael doesn't strike someone out which he usually always does, then his teammates end up making a great play. But after somebody questions his age he started to not feel safe anymore. "The field had always felt like his own safe place. But now Michael wondered if even baseball was safe."-Mike Lupica. Lastly his team made it to the district finals and played on Yankee field. Also Mr.Gibbs who looked out for Michael was a coach on a different team.
This book Heat by Mike Lupica is a great book. You would love this if like sports or baseball. This book is all about a kid who is a great pitcher. Mike Lupicas book Heat I think is the best book I read.