Raven Review

December 7-11, 2015

Reminders for the Week!

Good Morning RECHS,

Thank you RECHS for your support of Saturday Academy. Each of you has played a key role in the success of the students! Many of the students that I talked to asked if we were having the Saturday Academy next semester and how much the small support helped them. We will be planning for the spring semester of Saturday Academy. The next dates will be shared before the holiday break.

There are a few testing reminders below, please read them and let Mrs. Parry or I know if you are having difficulties with any of the tasks.

The RECHS parents are hosting lunch today in the workroom. If you see them setting up, or breaking down please let them know how much we appreciate them. There are several other activities planned for the week, so I hope that you find the time to slow down outside of class to enjoy one another's company.

Have a great week!


NCFE and EOC Testing To Do's

This week it will be important to do the following to ensure that testing will go well.

  • Make sure you have your Username and Password to log in the the NC Test site
  • This week all teachers with an online exam need to complete the online tutorial
  • Once you complete the online tutorial and gridding activity (Math I) this send a roster to Mrs. Parry
  • All rooms will be checked on Thursday. Please cover material you do not plan to take down. Use newspaper and not the colored paper in the workroom.
  • Please make sure you have access to the NC TEST icon on your google chrome apps. If you have not seen this icon we will help you.
  • Read and review the test manual(s) that you have received in preparation for the exams. If you have questions or concern please let us know.

Holiday Celebration Week!

Please review the exam schedule. There have been several updates.