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Welcome Back....Second Six Weeks/Here We Go!

I hope everyone had a great week off for midwinter break...........

As we move into the second six weeks of the semester, it is my expectation that each of you take some time to look at your grade profiles/six week results and reflect on those "SUMMATIVE GRADES" that your students have earned to this point, as will our admin team.

In the Week 2 BUC UPdate, i asked the question, "What can you do differently with assessment this semster?" The six week point in the semester is a great time to take another look at that question......with a different lens.

A specific question/area to think about this week as we start the second six weeks..........

What can i do differently this six weeks using "FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT" to provide feedback to students and guide personalized instruction?

Two articles below for you to read and reflect on with your PLC this week as well as a few links with lots of different examples of formative assessments that can be used.

Some teachers already use many of these….but why not try something new over the next few weeks as well!

Again, what can you do differently this six weeks to modify and improve your instruction?

“Instructional Agility”….....Love that term!

Do you have instructional agility in your classroom?

Interesting quick and easy read to reflect on.


Formative Assessment….

Are you "Transformational" in your classroom?

How can you transform for the second six weeks?


Links to lots of examples of formative assessments you may or may not currently use……106 to be exact!

Pick a few you have never done before and try them.

Which 3 will your PLC agree to utilize this six weeks?

You try three, share the best one with a colleague!



Students say the best teachers.........................

What do students say the best teachers do? Which ones do you do? Which ones to you need to start doing? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT


Wednesday Morning, 7:45 am in Theatre

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Just for fun.......

Is Everybody's Kid Fantastic?

Is Everybody's Kid Fantastic? | Sebastian Maniscalco: What's Wrong With People?
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