Flawed Fosters

Tori O'Neal

Not all foster children are a problem for society

  • Criminals
  • Dangerous
  • Less intelligent
  • Impossible to love


Thesis: Many children who grow up in foster care can overcome their barriers of not having a traditional family.

Foster Care

What is foster care?

Why are children put in foster care agencies?

Davidson County Department of Social Services

Expert Collaboration

In working with my aunt who is a social worker for child protective services, I have discovered there are a lot of involvement that make foster care effective. For example, the agencies depends on many donations and grants for funding the children's program. The grants come from the state and county in which the children are waiting for adoption. Community involvement donate things such as clothing, food, and even money to help support these children. Advocating for the children is also a huge responsibility for foster care social workers. The collaboration of training education and family involvement takes a tremendous amount of time to create a successful foster care system. Child placement and permanency works with children from birth to 18 and often the parents are unable or unwilling to provide adequate care. The agencies responsibility is to seek foster and adoptive parents while also working to possibly reunify with parents. In today's economy, the struggles of these efforts can be stressful, however I did recognize there was much reward.

Learning Stretch

When I first began working on my capstone experience I really had no idea what I would learn. For example, when we discussed why siblings had to be separated sometimes I just thought " why wouldn't it be easy to move the children around". Then I learned, for the child to make better progress and create less anxiety, it was best that children once placed are not moved. I also didn't realize before this project that there are a huge need for foster care homes. To be honest, I just thought that children in foster care all had homes available to them. Foster families have to be recruited, receive training, and license to care for these children. I also didn't realize that the length of stay in foster care varies from days to much longer. I also didn't give much thought to the younger children in foster care. I didn't realize that children can go into foster care at even as young as birth. My whole perception of foster care is so different now.

Problems and Solutions

In doing this project, there was a lot of problems due to the confidentiality that has to be given. the agency would not allow me to photograph the actual children that I donated items to . Instead, i was only allowed to come to the agency. It was frustrating because I didn't realize the confidentiality issues that pertain to the foster care programs. it was also discouraging because I could not visit with the children. The agencies has policies in place that only allows college students to have internships. High School students are not permitted to confidential information or face to face association with the children. even though these problems existed it did not discourage me.I was able to see the agency for the first time, which was interesting. I still took items and felt like I made a positive contribution to help. It also gave me the opportunity to learn about college internship. I actually learned that problem solving was part of foster care achievement.


When I first began my capstone experience I didn't not realize all the information and involvement it was going to take. There was so much time that this paper is required to have in order to meet all the requirements. I had to depend on others to help me such as my aunt, and I had to read a lot about foster care so that I could understand it. There were times when I didn't feel like I was going to be able to accomplish the project. The information was somewhat hard, no matter how much I read to understand it I had to ask a lot of questions. It felt like it was too much to put together. I do think that the experience so far has helped me to write better and to practice for papers that I will experience in college. For instance, press SAVE SAVE SAVE! Trying to rush and not gathering information correctly only creates more stress. I have learned that it is better to prepare and allow yourself enough time.

Successful Foster Children

  • Paulina Smith- Social worker, wife, mother
  • Kenza Williams- College, housing, work
  • Eddie Murphy- Award Winning actor
  • Steve Jobs- CEO of Apple