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What is shipping?

Shipping is the act of pairing two of more people together in a relationship romantic or just as a broship in which the pairing is purely platonic. Shipping can be with people you know of are just fictional characters. People who ship people together are called shippers there are many levels of shippers from just thinking the caracters are cute together to believing it is absolutely real and will happen.

shipping can be between more than just two people considering almost all shippers and people in fandoms ( fandom stands for fanatic domain and they are groups of people who are hard care fans) are very LGBTQAA+.

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People who ship

People who ship often pay no heed to caracters cannon ( what is proven by the shoe or in real life) sexuality an often fit it to who they want them to be together and if a character is male and had a female love interest but the fandom wants them to have a male love int rest they are automatic bisexual.

Shippers will find evidence of their ship and look very deep in to the context of the text. They can find the little Easter eggs the producer or writer add into the text, or they will often over think what happens and make up situations in cannon.

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Dean (on the right) and cas (castiel) flirting with each other.


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What Are Ships And Where Can You Find Them? Fandom Basics