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Kris Freeman 5"11 born October 14, 1980 in Concord, N.H. The most amazing most strongest inspiring American cross-country skier. The only U.S. type 1 diabetic skier acknowledged because of his great performance and knocking down every obstacle that comes his way not letting any of them stop him. Check below for information

Kris Freeman

Young Kris Freeman at the age of 2 his father pulled him around on a sled. His love for skiing started when he was very young. In high school he was know as the best runner, but before cross-country he had tired the Nordic combined when he was a teen. Kris Freeman had spent years skiing for university of Vermont. Then later he had joined the U.S. cross-country residence program in Park City in 2000. Kris was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 19. He was determine to compete in his first Winter Olympics. So being diagnosed did not stop him. He had learned to control his diabetes and he kept working hard to pursue his dream. Now today still inspiring and working hard showing people around the world that dreams does come true if your determine to make your dreams happen.
Kris Freeman Tests His Limits

Kris Freeman testing his strength at the USSA training center

Kris Freeman

Kris Freeman talking about how he lives and gets ready for the Olympics

Kris Skate June '11

Kris Freeman uphill skate technique work

OmniPod Suite D: No Limits with Diabetes

Kris Freeman talks about his experiences at diabetes camps and showing children with diabetes theirs no Limits with diabetes

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How Does The Nordic Combined Works?

The athletes are scored on their ski jumps, which are judged based on distance traveled, and technique. For each hill there is a par distance; athletes are awarded a certain amount of points for hitting the par distance and then a designated number of points are awarded for each additional meter accomplished. Judges take away points for flaws in technique during the flight or landing.

After each athlete completes their jumps, points are calculated up, and the start order for the cross-country race is determined. The highest scorer on the ski jump can start first, then the second-place scorer can go and so on. Their ski jump scores determine the amount of time between athlete start times: A 10-point lead provides for a one-minute difference in start times.

Where Does The Nordic Combined Event Come From?

The Nordic combined originated in the 19th century in you guessed it Norway, where skiers had got together and performed in small competitions. Athletes who could combine the endurance necessary for cross-country skiing and the physical strength and technical elements of ski jumping were considered the most impressive.

Nordic Combined Large Hill Jump Complete Event | Vancouver 2010

Nordic Combined - Large Hill Jump Complete Event

Teaser FIS Nordic Combined 2013/14 Highlights

Sneak Peak Of FIS Nordic Combined 2013/14 Highlights

Vancouver 2010: First American Gold in Nordic Combined

First American Gold in Nordic Combined In 2010 Vancouver