REFRESH Newsletter

Vol. 2, March 9, 2015

Week 2 Tip

It's time for SPRING CLEANING. In preparation for the new machines, you need to start going through your files and deleting old ones that you have not used and do not need any longer. For those who were here during the last refresh you know that we migrated files and documents. We are NOT migrating your files and documents. It caused too many errors, incompatibilities and problems, so everyone is starting with a clean slate. (More details are coming later about the actual saving of the files). For now, however you need to clean up old files, delete multiple copies and save only the important things.

If you need help, please contact your Instructional Technology Facilitator:

MHS - Damien Akleman, April Davala, or Tracey Waid

MMS - Felicia Davis

EMIS - Tara Gander

MIS - Marsha Rhyne

PVES - Brenda Martin

RRES - Jenna Cook

SES - Jen Wilkinson


The Mission of the REFRESH is: "To refocus the mission of Every Child, Every Day to move students and staff to the next level of technology integration with sound instructional practices."


Thank you to everyone who completed the survey about your Fixed Asset Inventory number. If you did not, please visit the Google form to fill in your name and the fixed asset number of your laptop. This is so we can verify our inventory. If you did not get an email, please click the "Laptop Inventory Form" button below and fill in your information. If you do not have a barcode like the image to the right, please click on the Apple in the upper left > About this Mac > and copy and paste the serial number into the Fixed Asset field.
Laptop Inventory Form

If you have not filled in the form with your fixed asset number from the bottom of your laptop, please click here to do so.

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