Presented by Laura Lynch

Join us for an indepth discussion and discovery of what Discovery Techbook has to offer

Discovery Techbook is an online techbook that will engage learners in science and social studies cooncept while meeting common core standards in Engish Language Arts and Mathematics.

Discovery Techbook

Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 8:30-11:15am


This workshop will give you the ability to access not only discovery online streaming materials but in addition the ability to plan units with discovery created materials.


8:30-9:00 Brief discussion of Discovery Techbook

9:00-9:15 Log in

Educators will receive a special code that will give them access to Discovery Techbook

9:15-9:45 Lesson Ideas

A look into my Discovery Education

9:45-10:30 Introduction to the creation of lessons and units

Essential Questions:

A smartboard will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of DE

How to search for topics?

How to download videos?

How to save to my content?

How to build a board?

How to create folders?

How to add classes and students.


Comments questions: Participants will have the oportunity to engage in a discussion on how Discvery Education will benefit their students.

Instructor will check for clarificationand review and demonstrate when and if needed

10:45-11:20 Planning

Educators will take this time to create a lesson for a unit. This is a great oportunity for colleagues to collaborate with one another and discover ideas that can be implemented into their classroom.

11:20 assessment of presentation

Assessment/ an exit slip with the following questions will help this presenter modify her presentation for future presentations.

What was the most effective thing about this workshop?

What was the least effective thing?

What would you add?