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I don't have friend I have famm, my friends are my famm! :-)

All About Me! :-)

Hi my name is Ashley Danielle Lester and this is telling all about me I'm from Batesville, Arkansas.

I live in Williford, Arkansas

I'm in 8th grade

I just moved from Sloan-Hendrix my old school which is in Imboden, Arkansas, and this year is my first year at Highland middle school.

My friends include Lucy, McKenzie, Holly, Madison, Raven, Bianca, Brittany, Dezarei, Ember, Stormy, Destiny, Josie and that is just my main friends.

Some of my hobbies I like to do is spend time with my friends and family, playing and caring for animals, mudding, hunting, fishing, swimming, and doing any things involving the outdoors.

I also enjoy riding my four-wheeler.

When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian because I love animals and caring for them.

My future plans are to pass 8th grade with good grades.

Places that I always have room to improve is hunting, fishing, swimming, and on reading, etc.

My brothers and sisters (half brothers and sisters) Zach 30, Whitney 27, Jacob 22, and Chase 19 and I'm the youngest I'm 13 years old.

My real BFFs are Lucy, Holly, McKenzie, Ember, Stormy, Bianca, and Madison.

"No pain no gain." Basketball is life 4ever.

Well mostly my home life consists of mostly doing stuff with my dad and step mom and going to my moms every other weekend.

That is all about me so know you know all about me!!


My score was 66 which I think is true. The reason I think it's true is because I don't care what other people like kids my age think like bad stuff. I don't let things people say to me get to me. So yeah like the only thing that makes me mad is when people talk about me badly behind my back. And I think my self-esteem score is very true because of all the stuff I just named off in the sentences above. And the other thing I don't let get to me is drama. And the one thing that I do let get to me is fake friends that act like my friend but they ain't.
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Attitude Test

The attitude test score is a little low for me because people say to me that I'm good and stuff and that I've a good attitude better then most kids do now days. So I think the score is low but I guess it's pretty average for people now days. The results weren't what I expected them to be but I guess the computers aren't always right in some ways. From what the computer says I'm a positive thinker which means that you think positive about stuff like work, people, and yourself. The way I plan on staying a positive thinker is by not hanging out with negative thinkers instead hanging out with the positive thinkers. And by not getting mixed up in the wrong crowd. And saying no to drugs and stuff that can harm my body.
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career aptitude

Truthfully I think that the results are not true because I don't like the listed career that they gave me. What I want to do after high school is to become a veterinarian. The results said that my career is a physical therapists, bio mechanics engineer, or bunch of other engineer jobs. Jobs that I don't like to do for example I may work on trucks with my dad but I would prefer not to do that as a career. So I think my listed careers are not true. So I think the test results are not true because I would never do that for a career job.
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Learning Style

The test results In the quiz I think are true for me. The reason is because I prefer to do ands on stuff rather then listening to people talk or watching people demonstrate on how to do stuff. The one thing I can't stand is to watch people demonstrate. And I don't like hearing people give the lesson by giving a speech or nothing. My test results were auditory 25%, visual 25%, and tactile 50%. The test results I think were true for me.
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personality type

My test results are Extravert 78%, sensing 12%, feeling 50%, and judging 3%. Extravert means you're outgoing, overly expressive person. Well I think this is true because I hardly ever judge people, I can sense if someone is like down, feeling means that you have feelings and stuff, and extravert means that I am outgoing. These are true for me. So I think this time my test results were true for me. So I am a very kind person just don't make me mad and you will see these qualities.
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left brained right brained

The results said I was equally brained. So apparently I don't use my left side of my brain more then the other or the right side more then my other side so apparently I use it equally. The right side I'm 44% and on the left side 56%. They say I use my right side for images, chaos, creativity, fantasy, intuition, and curiosity. My left side I apparently use for rules, language, strategy, rationality, logic, and details. So according to them I'm equally headed.
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peronality color

My test results says that I belong to the green family. Which means I'm full of life and love. That I love the outdoors, and that I'm the best friend anyone could ask for. I'm apparently sensitive with out being overly emotional. the results I think are true for me because I love the outdoors. And I know a lot of people that called me full of life. So my test results are true. If you ask anyone that are like know me really well like Patricia Broemel does and Camelia Eheart does then you well see these characteristics in me.
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kuder navigation career interests survey

1.My top career pathway results are

  • personal care services
  • National security.
  • emergency and fire management services
  • law enforcement servirces
  • correction service

2. The emergency and fire management services is one of my interests the rest of them I wouldn't really like to do.

3. Goverment and Public Administration, Human Services, and Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security these are the career clusters for my top five career pathways.

4. Homehealth services, social worker, etc. are some job titles that fall into my top career pathway.

5. Jobs in the human services career cluster involve tending to families and to human needs.

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kuder intrest test

1. My top five are

  • therapeutic services
  • perfessional support services
  • emergency and fire management services
  • visual arts
  • health, safety, and enviromental safety

2. Two of them matched my interest's

3. Visual Arts and Emergency and Fire Management Services.


  • Prepare emergency situation status reports that detail response and recovery efforts, needs, and damages. And coordinate disaster response or crisis management activities.
  • $37,350 yearly median salary
  • $59,770 national median salary
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