animals in the rainforest

Rainforests are tremendously rich in animal life.They could be known as the animal home a place where animals are growing and living each and every day.

Rainforests are populated with insects (like butterflies) and beetles,arachnids (like spiders and ticks worms),reptiles(like snakes an lizards),amphibians like frogs and toads and much much more species.

There are many species of animals. Did you know that half of the world animal species liv in rainforests? And that 25% of the worlds medicine is derived from rainforest plants.

rainforests animals make their own medicine by searching the rainforest trees,and pacific areas of the forests.a rain forest has 4 layers. Tropical rainforests are 50% of the worlds plants and animal species,habitats, 7% of the worlds covered in rainforests.

Many different animals and creatures live in forest , and many of these are insects and worms which live in leaf litter and help in the recyling process.

All of the animals are split into the different layers of the rainforest according to their needs.