e-Portfolio investigation

My Technology Design Cycle Report

Problem Identify

The problem with Portfolio is that it's not able to share their work if their friends or relatives etc. Sometimes when students would throw their portfolios and when someone asked them where it is, they will can't get it back. Pieces of paper will fall out and you'll need to glue over and over.

If we have E-Portfolios it would be easy to show with everyone because it's online and it with you everywhere you go (if you have internet).

So it's basically PAPER VS ELECTRONIC. It shows the progress of student's work and show how hard they worked. Both on E-Portfolio and Portfolio.

Design Brief

My task is to investigate portfolios/e-portfolios and design, plan and create your own e-portfolio. To showcase my academic work and demonstrate your progress over this year (2013-2014) and then evaluate the effectiveness of the product.

Research :: Portfolios and E-Portfolio

Definition of E-Portfolio

I conduct some research and made it my own.

"E'' stands for Electronic. A Portfolio is for students to show their, like a collection. It will show their evidence of what they were doing in class like their progress in their learning, skills, etc. It's a way for students to tell a story and the progress in their learning. It's using technology and making a collection of work. So it's on the internet.

Portfolios - Who uses them and Why?

Everyone can use a E-Portfolio or Portfolio in my point of view but, I see more students in college or just in school using Portfolios.

It's provide quality information, progress, and achievements in what they are doing over the past year and provides good understanding to whoever the students are showing their Portfolio or E-Portfolio.

Different Styles of E-Portfolios and Portfolios

There are many different type of styles for E-Portfolios and Portfolios.

A Classic Portfolio is a 3 ring notebook, structured with dividers and parts for document demonstrating each level.

For my portfolio in 6th Grade it was a BIG size book that was empty at first but, when we start a new unit we got to design a page and put our work inside or just design and write what we did. We sometimes got to print photos and stick them in. The annoying part was that the stuff we glue would come off and we have to stick it over and over.

https://sites.google.com/site/owenyinsportfoliobackup/ - His E-Portfolio was VERY VERY simple and had a lot of writing. I like his E-Portfolio because it's not complicated at all! Plus he came in 3rd place for his E-Portfolio

Example of Student's E-Portfolio

1. https://sites.google.com/a/g.thomas.edu/bobbipelletiereportfolio2011/home/communications - She a senior in Thomas College and this is her E-Portfolio. It's really simple not to stylish.

2. http://electronicportfolios.org/samples/tori1.pdf - This was made in 2001-2002 when she was in First Grade (Victoria). It's like a PDF file but online. So it's not actually a e-portfolio.

3. http://www.personal.psu.edu/jcc5304/blogs/la101H/essay-sample.html - She a freshman in Penn State and her e-portfolio shows some sample of work.

Students should use E-Portfolio because it's basically with you all the time! It's easy to transport and an e portfolio is very useful to show your progress in your learning and the skills I/ we use.

Design Specification

The product I create must:

  • Be Free (Free Template)
  • Assessable (Smart Phone, Tablets, Laptop, etc.)
  • Be able to store work produce in all classes (Art, Music, P.E etc.)
  • Contain section/pages for MYP subject, MIA, C&S
  • Have homepage a good:
  1. Good name/URL
  2. Your name and something about yourself
  3. Photo of yourself
  4. Link to these pages (All classes, C&S and MIA)

Testing Methods

I will test my product on the 18th September 2013 during class. I will use a survey that i created on KwikSurvey.

The testing group will be tested by Emily, Haroon, Chaewon, Gesine, and Dara.

The test is linked to the Design Specfication