Bulldogger Tech Talk

April 29 - May 2, 2019

Field Trip Help (Enjoy a laugh for the end of year field trips!)


End of the Year Activities!

What I Wish I Would Have Known

Students can collaborate to create a Google Slides Presentation for next year's class. What are some things they wish they would have known about their class or teacher? What are some tips they can pass along to the incoming students to help them next year? This is a great way to get feedback from students and give them an opportunity to collaborate.

Plan a Dream Summer Vacation

Students can research a fun dream vacation for their summer break. Younger students can look up pictures and find out how far away their vacation is. Older students can budget their vacation, planning for food, travel, and fun money. This can be adapted to any age for any purpose. This is great for geography, math, or language arts.

Create a School Seal

Spend time discussing the school setting with students. What makes Dewey so great? Also, show students seals from other cities or states. Students can work in groups or alone to create a collage of images and phrases to represent Dewey Public Schools.

Choose Their "People of the Year"

Time magazine always has a People of the Year edition. Now, students can do the same thing. Who makes this great school what it is? Who has been an awesome friend all year? Who goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome? Students can choose their person of the year and write an article explaining why they are so wonderful.

Write "Thank You" Notes

So this doesn't have to use technology, but it can. However, this is a great skill for students. Help them choose someone who has had a major impact on their school year. It could be a best friend, a teacher, a parent... Whoever it is, help them structure a proper Thank You note to show their gratitude.

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