South Carolina Floods

David C.

Late Starts

Polo Road breeched(see below) so we had to take detours to get to school. We had to miss a week of school so the water could clear, and the week after we had a two hour delay so buses could see where to go. The week after we had a one hour delay for the same reasons. If students got to school early they could do activities( see right). I'm glad that it's starting to get into normal scheduel again.
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Volunteer Work

Many lost thier homes in the flood so volunteers helped out. Volunteers went into people's homes and got all their soaked possetions out. Some people were unable to even get in their home because of the debrie. A collage donated one and a half eighteen wheelers of water, since ours was on a boil water advisory(see bellow, left).

Roads Breaching

Lots of roads breached(see below,middle, right). Polo Road breached and Beaver Dam almost breached, but it didn't because someone started to sandbag it. Thank fully some dams held up we dont have to fix all the dams in South Carolina.


The storm was said to be a "thousand year flood". The floods occured on October 3rd 2015. On the day of the floods we recived up to twelve inches of rain. On this day the water level in lakes and rivers was the highest it has been since 1982. The water rose high enough to invade houses.

Boil Water Advisory

During the time of the floods and well after we were under a boil water advisory. A boil water advisory is when the water isn't safe to drink. Our boil water advisory was due to bacteiria in our water.