Turn up the heat this summer on your Stella & Dot business! Get Your Summer On by booking, selling, and sponsoring and you will be poised to leverage the most profitable quarter of the year - Q4!!!


Contest Period: June 1 - August 31st

For every month you sell $500-$999, you will receive 5 points.

If you are qualified (sell at least $500) in all 3 months, you will get an additional 10 bonus points.

For Example - sell $500 in June, $500 in July, and $500 in August - you earn 15 points and 10 extra points for a total of 25.

For every month you qualify (sell $500) by the 15th of the month, you will earn an additional 5 points.

For every month you sell $1,000-$1,499, you will receive 10 points.

For every month you sell $1,500-$2,499, you will receive 25 points

For every month you sell $2,500+, you will receive 30 points. If you sell $2,500+ in all 3 months, you will receive an additional 10 points. For example, sell $2,500+ in all 3 months, you get 90 points plus 10 bonus for a total of 100.

Share the LOVE and SPONSOR

Earn 10 points for every Stylist you sponsor in June, July or August.

Earn another 10 points by helping your new Stylist qualify during the contest period.

Network & Earn More Points

Earn 5 points for attending a team meeting (yes Hoopla counts!). Please make sure you sign in at each meeting - this is how we will track points for this category. We will know if go to Hoopla (no sign-in required!).

DECLARE & SHARE Your Goals for the Summer

Post your goal on the Charming Dotties team page for June, July, and August (1 goal for all 3 months) and you earn 5 points. Goal must be posted by Friday, June 7th.


I will hold 1 Trunk Show in each of the 3 months and earn $750 to take my family on a weekend trip to Harbor Springs over Labor Day weekend.

If you post your goal by June 7th and accomplish the goal, you will earn an extra 5 points!


The Stylist who earns the most points will win a $300 Visa Gift Card.

The Stylists who earn the highest points (1st through 5th place) will earn a night out on the town in a stretch LIMO with our Director, Kelli Robinson!

Stylists who qualify ALL 3 months will be put into a drawing to win a piece from the fall line valued at $100. Must be ordered by the fall sampling period deadline.

Note: Stylists who sign-up during the contest period will be entered into the drawing if they qualify in their first full month as a Stylist. For example, if a Stylist signs July 29th, she must be qualified in the month of August, and her name will go into the drawing.

Ideas to Help You Get Your Summer On

Trunk Show Themes:

  • Drinks & Jewels by the Pool
  • Sangria & Style
  • Take a Style Break - Office Show
  • Red, White & Jewels - 4th of July
  • Style your summer with Stella & Dot

Other Ideas to help you book, sell, and sponsor:

  • Book with women who are not impacted by summer e.g. young, working professionals, baby-boomers, etc.
  • Offer personal styling sessions
  • Swap child care with another Stylist/Mom so you can still have dedicated office hours while kids are home from school.
  • Take your jewels on vacation with you and have a Trunk Show on the beach, pool, etc.
  • Tote Shows
  • Office Shows
  • Look at your calendar for the next 3 months and highlight when you can do Trunk Shows so you are ready with dates when you are having a booking conversation.
  • Sell on the go! Pack your portfolio, bring it, hang on, etc. with jewels and take them with you wherever you go!
  • If you do an out of town show, put your sponsoring hat on since you probably won't be back soon and find a Stylist to do the shows you book!
  • Have other ideas - please share on our team page!

Good Luck!

Your Charming Dotties Leadership Team