List 9 Vocabulary


  1. Apathy- Not showing emotion.
  2. Amass- Gathering something for yourself.
  3. Writhe- To move your body while in pain.
  4. Waive- To refrain from claiming or insisting.
  5. Covert- To do something while hidden or in secret.


  1. Apathy- Coolness/Ardor
  2. Amass- Accumulate/Give
  3. Writhe- Flail/Still
  4. Waive- Renounce/Demand
  5. Covert- Secret/Obvious

Word Swap

  1. She had a very cool demeanor after everything that happened to her. (Apathy)
  2. The accumulated canned goods at the food drive. (Amass)
  3. She flailed in pain after the bee stung her. (Writhe)
  4. They renounce their request for her transcript. (Waive)
  5. The spy's where on a secret mission at the high school. (Covert)