Football, is it too dangerous?

Football is the number one sport with the most injuries.

From no big deal to bigger than ever!

Football is an example of a sport that actually has more con's than it does pro's. Sure, this sport helps keep people from becoming obese, but what else? Football was the cause of 248,000 visits to the emergency room. That is crazy! Did you know that in every football game, at least one player will sustain a mild concussion? That doesn't seem too bad, but after many concussions, the permanent effects kick in.

Football can permanent and unfixable damage. Is it worth it?

Suffering from chronic injuries caused by rough sports like football is not only a "now" problem but also a "forever" problem. The thing is, sports that involve tackling and hitting are more popular now. Though this seems like not a big deal, many people who chronically have to deal with being injured might have to deal with some permanent damage.

The U.S news stated, “Between 2001 and 2009, the most recent years, of CDC data, football sent about 25,376 kids under age 19 to the emergency room for traumatic brain injury each year.” Many children are sent to the hospital because they were injured playing football. After a while, all of the smaller injuries lead to one big problem. Many children will suffer permanent physical and mental damage because they were traumatized in rough sports like football. The Orlando Orthopaedic center wrote, “At least one player substances a mild concussion every football game.” These numbers are rising.

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Not safe for children!

Overall, it's too much of a risk!

Football is a very popular sport, but it comes with a cost. Many people get injured each year and it's not always a minor case either. Many injuries are reported each year at the emergency room. 248,000 cases are just from sports like football. There are just too many risks!