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July 2022

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Introducing the newest team member!

Please welcome, Kim Piranio, our Literacy and Dyslexia Specialist. Kim starts with the ADE English Language Arts team on July 5th. She will support Maggie with dyslexia, Sarah with MOWR, and bridge the 4th-5th grade gap between Sarah in K-3 and Lauren in 6-12. We are lucky to have Kim on board and for her to start working with all of you.


K-12 ELA Office Hours

Thursday, July 14, 11am-12pm

This is an online event hosted by the ADE ELA team.

Register for K-12 ELA Office Hours in EMS!

Access our 2021-2022 Office Hours Padlet to keep up-to-date.

K-5 Literacy Endorsement Webpage

Be sure to visit our newest webpage that houses a variety of information on the new endorsement to include infographics, videos and links to practice materials for the Foundations of Reading Assessment.


Arizona Reading Fundamentals OnDemand Academy

Course dates for the Summer 2022 quarter are July 1 through September 30. Registration opens on July 1. We are happy to announce there are two NEW knowledge blocks all about the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.

Before you register, please watch our OnDemand Academy Introduction Video to learn more. Each knowledge block recommends a companion text. Please browse the Professional Development webpage for all details prior to registering.

Be sure to download and save all certificates!

ADE's current Event Management System (EMS) will soon migrate to a new system. In the event that all housed certificates do not migrate, please take a moment to download and save any certificates you have for completed ADE courses.

Book Studies

As of July 1, our summer book studies will have concluded. We are so grateful for everyone who participated! Thank you!

Please feel free to visit the Padlets from each summer book study:

Please keep an eye on our upcoming newsletters to find information on Fall book studies!


Preparing for 2022-23 Literacy Plans

To help ensure all contacts are up-to-date, entity administrators need to double-check all school-level and LEA-level MOWR persmissions within ADEConnect. We will start sharing updated MOWR resources, news, timelines, and expectations in late July. Reminder: ALL schools will submit a literacy plan and BOY universal literacy and dyslexia screener data due October 1st.

For all MOWR questions, please reach out to Sarah Bondy by emailing:

Keep those Dyslexia Training Designee Certificates

Each school Dyslexia Training Designee should be in progress of an approved training by July 1st. For schools who have completed the training, it is the responsibility of each school to keep on file the completion certificate(s) for their designee. Move On When Reading school approvers will upload their school's DTD information and certificate(s) directly into the MOWR portal during the coming year. ADE does not need certificates emailed.

Dyslexia Training Designee Guidance and Approved List

2022-23 K-3 Universal Literacy & Dyslexia Screening

For the 2022-23 school year, all K-3 students must be administrered with an approved Universal Literacy and Dyslexia Screener three times a year. Schools must choose one of the following 9 assessment platforms.

All schools will submit this data to the MOWR team by Oct. 1, Feb. 1, and June 1.

  • Acadience Reading K-6
  • mCLASS platform with DIBELS 8th (Amplify)
  • i-Ready Assessment
  • Amira
  • FastBridge
  • iSTEEP
  • aimswebPlus
  • Renaissance - Star AZ Literacy Assessments
  • DIBELS 8th Edition (UofO)

List of approved Universal Literacy and Dyslexia Screeners List and Guidance. Literacy plans will not be approved for schools which choose to use an alternative assessment, not on this list.

In the World of Dyslexia and Intervention

Dyslexia Training Designee Grant

ADE is pleased to announce as of Friday, June 24, 2022, we have allocated more than $1.5 million to Arizona schools to help offset the cost of training for the Dyslexia Training Designee required for each K-3 campus. We are hoping to secure more funding for the FY24 to further support educator training. The grant is first come, first served and carryover is not allowed.


Summer of Writing Professional Learning Series

Let's get our learning on this summer - all about writing! There's a few sessions still left, come join us! **Note: By mid-July, all of the materials/resources from the sessions will be posted on the Secondary ELA webpage.

The summer series will include:

  • a book study on The Writing Revolution
  • a variety of webinars on Secondary ELA writing topics, including: exploring the three types of writing standards, grammar instruction, and college and career writing

Let’s all get our writing learning on this summer!

Register for the Summer of Writing Professional Learning Series!

Share the Summer of Writing PD Flyer with your colleagues!

Other Summer PD for Secondary Educators from ADE

Check out more free and virtual PD opportunities so you can learn all summer long!

News from AETA

The Arizona English Teachers' Association (AETA) offers events and professional learning for all English teachers in Arizona, including monthly webinars, a newsletter, and a journal.

July News:


SOR Podcasts

Each month, we have been introducing you to a new section of the ADE Science of Reading webpage. Over the last SEVEN months, we have introduced the Homepage, Structured Literacy, Brain Research, Reading Researchers, SOR Terminology, Educational Equity, and SOR articles.

Now, let's learn more about the Science of Reading with our Podcasts section. Listen to one of four audio documentaries from The Educate Podcast - stories about education, opportunity, and how people learn.

  1. Hard to Read: How American schools fail kids with dyslexia
  2. Hard Words: Why aren’t kids being taught to read?
  3. At a Loss for Words: How a flawed idea is teaching millions of kids to be poor readers
  4. What the Words Say

~ Literacy Tid Bit ~

Big 5 in Under 5: Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is Essential for Learning to Read

Watch this short overview of what phonemic awareness is, why it's important, and a few tips on how to teach it. For more information go to the National Center on Improving Literacy's toolkit pages.

Levels of phonemic awareness skills:

  1. Identifying
  2. Categorizing
  3. Isolating
  4. Blending
  5. Segmenting
  6. Adding
  7. Deleting
  8. Substituting

The ADE English Language Arts Team

Dr. Amy Boza, Director of English Language Arts and Move On When Reading

Sarah Bondy, K-3 Early Literacy Specialist

Lauren Spenceley, Secondary ELA Specialist

Maggie Velazquez, Dyslexia and Literacy Intervention Specialist

Kim Piranio, Literacy and Dyslexia Specialist