Mj Ranieri

Story elements

Runner takes place in Seattle ,Washington during the present day time period. The main conflict in the story is that chance the main character, has to struggle to work two jobs and go to school. The book begins with chance going to school working two jobs. Also his dads has just got fired from his job and he's looking for a new one.

character analysis

The main character is chance. Three words to describe the main character are responsible, rebelish and strong. The character is motivated by the way he has to live and how he's hardworking. I like him because he is very strong he isn't put down easily. The relationship between chance and his dad is under the category of needs improvement because he's not home very much and when he is they don't talk much .


The theme of the novel is never give up and always read the fine print before agreeing to something.One example that supports the theme is that chance has to work two jobs to keep the boat wich at one point he wants to give up but he doesn't . Another example is chance agrees to work for this guy that he doesn't even know. a third example from the book is that chance chances dad keeps getting fired from his jobs but he never gives up he just keeps working to find a steady job. A final example that supports the theme is chance is tricked into working for terrorists.