Backpack Supplies

Tips on What to Have in a Survival Pack

The main things you should have in you Survival backpack

  • Knife
  • Something to sleep in
  • Fire Starting tools
  • String/paracord
  • A way to get food

Survival knife

A knife is the most important thing you can have. This knife is a great survival knife because it has a compass, matches and stricking paper, a sharpener, hook line and sinker, a finger saw and a rope/string cutter. this is a great knife to have on you while you are trying to survive the great outdoors.
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Hiking Backpack

A good backpack can be everything to surviving in the wilderness. a good backpack should feel right and not be to heavy to carry. A good type of backpack is a camel pack. this kind of pack has a water sack inside that you can fill to help you stay hydrated.
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Paracord Bracelet

A paracord bracelet a great thing to have. if you are in a situation that you need some string or rope you take off the bracelet and unravel it. There can be up to ten feet of it.
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Hammock Tent

A tent is a great thing to have when you are hiking, but there is sometimes no where that you can put a tent. The Hammock tent is a wonderful invention that gets you up off the ground and is easier to put up. It is also easy to store and keep with you on a long hike.
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