Skaggs Update

A few reminders!

Class Winter Party

When: Friday, December 18

Time: 2-3pm

Where: Our classroom

Any Questions? Contact our room parents!

Jackie Kitchen -

Mindy Daugherty -

Sarah Kruer -


Please send students with a device every day next week, if possible!

Yoga Ball Persuasion

Well...this class is on board and have already convinced me for yoga balls with written persuasion letters. Next, they had to persuade Mrs. Rogowski to borrow some of her yoga balls to test out. Starting tomorrow, 5 students will have a daily turn at sitting on yoga balls during the school day. This is completely optional and they can still choose to sit in their chairs. The students will then have 11 nights to write a persuasion letter - changing their audience from me, to the donors from Donors Choose. Their persuasion letters will be due Monday, December 14th.