Island Adventure


Socialist Republic Of Kristin

The republic of Kristin stands by everyone being themselves no one is here to judge one another without costs. Citizens of the country have an opinion to their right and to what they please to do. Republican of socilaism redefines who we are. Promoting general welfare, and establishing justice.

Board of Advisors

our Advisors structure our nation as a whole and controls right from wrong. Without their incredible sense of direction and order we would be no where today. Check out the descriptions on our official website

Have The Rights To LIVE


Current population: 20,000


60% white

15%native American



Average single income: 70,000

Average family income:145,000

Average family size: 4




15% none

Frequent income: $1000/week

Average age: 50

House type

70% single family home




Male population: 42%

Female population: 58%

Education level

5%Some Highschool

50%Highschool degree

10%Some college

35%College degree

Convicted of a crime?






Do you have children

63% no

37% yes

Are you a born citizen of the USRK

79% yes


Article I - Rules and Rights

1). Everyone has a right to choose who they want to work for, and for
a mutually agreed upon salary. People have the freedom to choose what
they want to do, and are not obligated in any way to work any certain

2). Everyone has the right to the money they make for the hours they
have worked. It you have worked, you are endowed to the money for that
hour. Even if you are fired or quit before you are payed, you have a
right the the money you worked for.

3). Businesses have a right to hire who they please. No business has
to hire anyone for any reason. They have the right to hire or not hire
as they see fit. They can chooses to hire anyone over anyone else for
any reason.

4). Everyone has a right to a warning before being fired for any
offense. If you do something wrong for the first time, they must warn
you. If they do not, you can take legal action against them.

5). All businesses have the right to produce, price, and sell as they
see fit. Nobody has any say in what is produced, how, or what it is
sold for. It is solely at the discretion of the company.

6). Everyone has the right to quit a job at any time. When you work
for a company, you are in no way obligated to them. You may quit at
any time.

Article II

Since we are a newly formed nation, the census will be performed every 5 years to make sure we have up to date information on our citizens. A department called the SRK Census Department will be in charge of administering, receiving, and delivering the census. A person will go door to door recording the information so that we can get as many people as possible. The more work people have to do to complete it, the less people will actually complete it. The people in charge will do this until everyone has been accounted for. After that, the information will be pooled together and interpreted, and given to the government to use.

Article III

Income tax
Gift tax
Corporate Tax
Social Security

On our island, we will have taxes, but not to a ridiculous extent. Standard things likes things you buy in stores, groceries, school funds, house payments, etc. will all have taxes on them. Every adult will have to pay taxes. If you own a home, car, business, pay bills, or anything along those lines, you will pay taxes. Only 2% of what you pay will be added for taxes.
There is an exception though. If you or the main income holder in your family gets laid off, you will be put on welfare. If you are in this position, you will not have to be required to pay taxes. If you are going through a rough time financially, you won’t have to pay taxes. Once you get back on your feet and are financially stable again, you will then resume paying your taxes. Not paying taxes will allow you to focus on yourself and be able to get back where you need to be.
We’re creating this SRK Agency that will oversee our taxes. If problems arise with our tax policy this agency will take care of it. They will determine which taxes will be forced upon our citizens, which taxes will be deducted, and which ones will have to be higher. The SRK agency will be a group of economic professionals who will run the taxes and determine what will be placed on our citizens, they will be the head of anything having to do with amending taxes. This will overall benefit our island because this group of individuals will place only necessary taxes on our citizens.

Article iv

National defense would be one thing the government will use taxes on. It will be mandatory spending. You never know when someone will try and attack our island and take over making us a part of their country. We will remain independent unless we take over an island on our own.

Education needs some government funds.nthis will also be mandatory spending. We need to make sure we have a great education system. Knowledge is very powerful. Knowledge gets you higher paying jobs and could let them help more people.

Law enforcement needs it. Descretional spending is an option for this one. Some people may have the desire to be police officers, but for them to be great at their job, they need motivation. They also need guns, training equipment, safety armor, everything making sure they're safe and keeping us safe.

Public health is a big one. Mandatory spending is required. We want everyone to stay healthy, if they get sick we don't want it spreading, we also don't want it to kill. Diseases can be a big problem, and we'll make sure they stay at a minimum.

Disable persons will need some help. Descretional spending will be used because we don't know who will be trying to fraud us. Some cannot work therefor cannot make money to support themselves/families. We will also try our best to make sure there is no fraud (people faking being disabled).

Environmental clean up is very important to us. Although it's important to us, it's not the most important thing, so we will use descretional spending. We want our island to be clean and healthy. Litter can cause health issues and cause decay of plants (grass, tree bark, ect.) and kill some animals. We want to keep good environments for the animals and parks. Keep it looking nice.

Prison systems will need to be funded. We would like for this to be mandatory spending. We need to keep our streets safe, and we don't want prisoners breaking out and causing trouble. We will try to as fair as possible, and if there is an unjust killing or arrest, we will take immediate action.

Court systems are a necessity to make sure the arrests are justified so we will use mandatory spending. We don't want people to just blame and arrest someone innocent. We wanteverything to be just and fair. Or else it would be like when they claimed people were witches just because they did something they didn't like.

We need medical research to make sure we can cure anything that hits us. We need to be able to heal people and make them feel better. We don't need diseases spreading around the island.

Our agency, Government Funding Watchers (GFW), will determine if government spending will be amended. They can make any changes if needed to make it fair. They can change any of the categories that are needed to make our island a better place.

Article v

-Federal agencies send requests for money to the

Office of Management and Budget.

-The Office of Management and Budget works with the President to create a budget. In January or February, the President sends this budget to Congress.

-Congress makes changes to the budget and sends this new budget to the President.

-The President signs the budget into law or the President vetoes the budget. If Congress cannot get a 2/3 majority to override the President’s veto, Congress and the President must work together to create a new, compromise budget.


Commodity/Barter- Commodity is a good that you can buy and sell like coffee or copper. Barter is goods that you can trade without the use of money like live stock and labor. Malaysia uses bartering and America uses commodity.

Representative- Representative is the intent to pay money, like a written check or a credit card. Basically electronic money. The United States also uses this method, as do most countries now.

Fiat- Inconvertible paper money made legal by a government decision. The US also uses this, as do most countries as well. An example would be like a dollar bill.

Research the three sources of value for money - commodity, representative, and fiat – and the barter system. Complete the worksheet with the definitions, money example and a country that currently uses that source of value.

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