Lonnie G. Johnson

Greatest inventer EVER!!!

Place of birth & date

Lonnie G. Johnson was born in Mobile, Alabama, October 6, 1949.

Family information

His father was a World War 2 veteran who worked as a civilian driver at nearby Air Force bases, while his mother worked in a laundry & as a nurse aid


He intended to Williamson High School & Tuskegee University


Lonnie G. Johnson has won numerous honors for success in inventing and entrepreneurship, & his constant encouragement for young people to invent.


One of Lonnie G. Johnson inventions is the now most popular toy, the super soaker



"This is a whole new family of technology ... It's like discovering a new continent. You don't know what's there, but you sure want to explore it to find out ... It has a darn good chance of being the best thing on Earth."