about me


I am a 5.4 15 year old that lives in plainfeild. im that type that likes to be creative and try a bit of everything, something different, explore all types of hobbies. when it comes to school i try hard but dont go above and beyond. i like to try hard in sprots because im active and like to prove people wrong about my size. but when im at home, i sit down on the couch all day.

In the play Twelth Night, the character Viola is a servant to Orsinos court. She is diguised as a man to be able to work and support herself. Then, Viola becomes one of Orsino's favorite's and is sent to go deliver Orsino's cheesy messages to Lady Olivia. Viola is in love with Orsino but respects his wishes for another woman. she is a very greatfull person "I prithee—and I’ll pay thee bounteously—Conceal me what I am, and be my aid For such disguise as haply shall become The form of my intent." (I.ii.49-52)pg3 this Quote shows how viola is greatfull becuase with the help from the captain, she is already one of Orsinos top servants.


im a guy so i guess thats the best part about my gender. the one that im most proud of is being Mexican. Being able to live another culture in my house, to be different and get treated the same. than again maily mexicans are short. my size stops me from doing things others can. having to tiptoe for the cavinet gets me mad but i started to think positive about my size. im able to go places others cant, be more quick and i like to prove people wrong. i got over it by thinking positive and dont care what others say. talking is another big problem for me. im not so good in keeping a conversation going niether is my humor. so i ussauly stay quiet, also i aint so good in my vocab so things get hard to explain a bit.

Viola is a femal that is in a disguise of a man to be able to work in Orsinos court. She is a young beautiful lady with blonde hair and blue eyes. Acting as a man to be able to support herselve in Illyria. But as a young servent, Olivia falls for her looks not knowing who she really is. Viola still acts if she is a girl but in boy features. As a girl she falls for Orsino and tells storys about her feelings to him.


friends see me as someone thats really good at things, but im not. im just an average kid that likes to try new things. once i get it down i leave it at that. so far all the teahers i had said i was good kid and good a trying which is true but i dont like to always try so i just relax and zone out. Im the baby of the family the one everyone pushes around but they see me as creative and someone that seems to have an easy road to my carrer and have an idea of what ima be. but i dont, i still dont know what college to go or what i wanna work as.

I believe that other characters in Twelth Night see Viola as a trustworthly person. Someone who gets the job done. Olivia see's that Viola has great looks, "I do I know what and fear to find Mine eye to great a flatter for my mind" (I.v.283-284) pg. 15


A similarity between Viola and Myself is she likes to speak her mind and not scared, so do i. Also how she gets her self into situtations. Same goes for me all the time.

The difference is that i dont know how to put mind into words. she does and always knows what to say back, not me.