Fourth Grade News

Week of January 11, 2016

Math Topic 15 Test on Friday, January 15th

We have started reviewing for the test in class and will continue reviewing until test day.Pages 831 through 876 cover this topic in your child's math book. We have solved problems on pages 875 through 876, and these pages have questions that are very similar to the test questions. We have asked all our fourth graders to take their math books home today and everyday until test day, to study for the test. Please remind your child to bring their book back to school everyday, as they will be needing them in class as well. Here is a brief list of concepts that will be tested:

Create a dot plot, stem-and-leaf plot

Read and interpret frequency tables, dot plots, stem- and leaf plots to solve one and two step problems.

We would like students to solve the following problems in their math book to review for the test:

Lesson 15 – 1: Frequency Tables

Page 839 - 1-4

Page 840 - 5, 8-10

Lesson 15 – 2: Reading Dot Plots

Page 844 - 12,13,18

Lesson 15-3: Making Dot Plots

Page 849 - 4,5

Page 850 - 6

Lesson 15-4: Reading Stem-and-Leaf Plots

Page 856 - 9,10,13

Lesson 15-5

Page 862 - 7,8

Please note that there will be NO test review in the morning this time before the test. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s math teacher.

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Pencils and Erasers Needed!

We are quickly going through our stock of pencils and erasers! We would greatly appreciate any donations of the regular non-mechanical pencils and erasers! Thank you!

Camp College - Week of January 11th

This week is 'College Week'! Our daily themes are listed below and we look forward to all our students participating in this special event this week.

Camp College

January 11-15, 2015

Monday (Camp Day 1) – “Don’t Sweat It”: College is possible for everyone Wear your sweats to Camp College.

Tuesday (Camp Day 2) – “Make Your Dreams Come True”:

Wear your slippers to Camp College.

Wednesday (Camp Day 3) –“Career Day”:

Dress as your future career to Camp College.

Thursday (Camp Day 4) – “Top Off Your Education”:

Wear your college hats to Camp College.

Friday (Last Day of Camp) - “Plano helps prepare you for college”: Wear your favorite college shirt/colors or wear a Plano Wildcat shirt/colors to Camp College.

Science Fair Projects - Due Tuesday, January 12th

Projects will be judged on Wednesday, January 13th
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Spelling Homework - Due Tuesday, Jan. 12th (Only for Miller, Murugesan, and Sewell)

Using your spelling words take a pretest. Have an adult sign it.

Math homework - Due Wednesday, Jan. 13th

1. Solve problems (1- 8) in your math workbook on pages 869-870.
2. Please show all work in your math workbook. Please DON'T post a comment in Google Classroom!

Reading Homework - Due Thursday, Jan 14th

"Text to Sketch"


Listen to the story “Owl Moon”. After you are done listening to the entire story, create your mental images on your worksheet. Be sure to include your text evidence (what the speaker/author says) that made you think of your mental images. Below your image, write a quick summary of your mental images. Then you can listen to “Owl Moon” again and look at the pictures.

Spelling Test on Friday, Jan. 15th

Here is how your child can access the weekly spelling list on Spelling City:

The spelling list can be found linked to the following website:

Once spelling city is pulled up, the list will appear and your child can do different activities to help them study.

Please let Mrs. Miller or Ms. Hill know if you have any questions.

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Instagram Update

We would love to have more parents following our class Instagram pages. We would like to inform you that teachers will accept invitations to follow their pages, just from their homeroom students' parents. Also, if your Instagram username is not similar to your name, for security reasons, please send an email with your Instagram username to your child's homeroom teacher. Thank you for helping us stay connected and protecting your children's privacy on the internet! Here is a list of our usernames:

Miss. Burke - MissBurkeatWells2015

Ms. Hill - MsHillsatWells2015

Mrs. Miller - MrsMilleratWells2015

Ms. Murugesan - MsMurugesanatWells2015

Mrs. Sewell - MrsSewellatWells2015

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Students of the Week

Miss. Burke's Class


Ms. Hill's Class


Mrs. Miller's Class


Ms. Murugesan's Class


Mrs. Sewell's Class


January Book IT Reading Calendar

We distributed the January Book-It tracking calendar to our students. This month's reading requirement is 320 minutes. Encourage your student to bring the tracking calendar in as soon as they have read the required minutes. A free Pizza Hut pizza coupon is waiting! January trackers will need to be turned in by February 1st .


Learning Targets


Topic 15 - Data Analysis

1. I can represent data on bar graphs.

2. I can analyze and interpret bar graphs to solve one and two-step problems.


I can determine which helping verb to use in a sentence.


1. I will understand that questions during reading can lead to more thoughtful learning and further investigation.

2. I can analyze the text to determine the theme or message the author is trying to convey.


1. I can recognize the organizational framework and key characteristics of expository writing.

Social Studies

1. I can use my knowledge to explain the successes and struggles of Texas becoming a Republic.


1. I can begin to understand and communicate the importance of Earth’s cycles and systems.

2. I can describe how the Earth is constantly changing through the processes of weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Tiger Market Helpers for Friday, January 8th




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Book Buddies

By opening a book YOU can open a new world for a child and foster the love of reading for a lifetime!

Wells PTA is looking for volunteers to read aloud books to small groups of 1st and 2nd grade students. Book Buddies meet every Wednesday from 12:45 to 1:45. Please sign up and volunteer to fit your schedule; one time, once every two weeks, once a month or EVERY WEEK! You do not have to have a 1st or 2nd grader at Wells. ANYONE can volunteer! A Book Buddy can be a parent, grandparent, high school student or community member.

In order to be a Book Buddy, fill out the volunteer application on the PISD website or just click on the link below. It takes about a week to be

Then click on the SignUpGenius link below to choose your date and time to volunteer!

Order Your Yearbook! Time is Running Out!



You can purchase a yearbook for $25 UNTIL November 15th. Starting November 16th, the early bird price will fly away and the new price will be $28. Don't delay! Take advantage of the price break before it's too late! Please remember that yearbooks are only being ordered online this year. Click below for detailed instructions on how to purchase your yearbook today!