Paul Walker

a biography by Tylen Morales

Early childhood

Paul Walker was born in Glendale,California September 12,1973. His life stated in front of cameras at a young age,modeling and acting in tv. Paul Walker started in these tv shows: Charles in charge,Highway to heaven,and Who's the boss.Then Paul Walker had a chance to start in a horror spoof called Monster in the closet.

getting big

After high school Paul Walker went to comunity collage but went into acting fulltime in 1993.Paul Walker started in to tv shows : young and the restlest , taming the t-rex, and meet the deedls.

Road Trip of A Life Time

In 2001 ven Diesel and Paul Walker started fast and the furious . The movie was a big succes ( 200 mil. in the box office) Two years later Paul made 2 fast 2 furious that one was more sucessful than the first one. In 2008 paul did fast and furious. In 2011 paul did fast five Then in 2013 paul finish fast and furious 6

Tragic death

Paul walker did in a car accident on November 30 2013 Paul was working on his movie still in fast and furious 7 . After paul death Ven diesel named his dauther Pauline after his friend paul walker