By: Saige McGinnis; Block Two

So what is Theocracy? How does it work? How is it different from other governments?

Theocracy is a type of government that worships God and recognizes him as the divine being. It can be any other type of government depending on were it is and who the leader may be. The leader is thought to be able to communicate to God, depending on the form of Theocracy the leader can have next to no powers or they may have all of the power, Also the way the leader is put into power will be affected by the form of Theocracy. Depending on the how strict the theocracy is the laws will either be made by the leader, as it would be in a dictatorship, or voted on by the people ( a democracy).

The difference between theocracy and representative democracy, which is the form of government I live under, is in a theocracy you have to believe in the God in which you are told to believe in. In A democracy you are free to believe in what ever you want and you wot be killed for it. Also A democracy is simple, citizens voting on who shall lead them and having one main leader, the people get to have a say in what goes on in the government. In a theocracy it is mostly not brought up with the citizens what goes on.

To be honest if I had to choose between a democracy and a theocracy I would choose a democracy. I would choose a democracy because I like having something to say in how the government works. I like having rights and I like being able to safely believe in my own religion.

What countries are part of a theocracy?

•Iran. The leader is Hassan Rouhani.

•Saudi Arabia. The leader is Abdullah bin Abdulaziz

•Sudan. The leader is Omar al-Bashir

•Yemen. The leader is Abd Rabbabbuh Mansure Hadi

•Afghanistan. The leader is Hamid Karzai

•Untied Arab Emirates. The leader is Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

•Pakistan. The leader is Mamnoon Hussain

•Malaysia. The leader is Najib Razak

•Mauritania. The leader is Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

•Vatican City. The leader is Giuseppe Bertello

So thats it.

A theocracy is a war ridden government. Although some people believe in it, it doesn't really work out. People are killed for not believing in a certain God or sometimes for not praying hard enough. So in conclusion theocracy is not one of the best governments.