Glacier Resort and Spa

If you need a place to stay, come over here to get away!

Located in Neptune

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Our Amazing Resort!

We Are Neptune

Neptune is 2.7 billion miles away from earth, the rocket travels 17,600 miles per hour, you will reach the resort in 106.5 days. The days will seem much shorter here, one day here is 1.5 of a normal day on Earth. Before leaving the spaceship, you will have to put on our specialized thermo-suit, because our planet is -218 degrees celsius, and our atmosphere contains hydrogen, helium, and ice. We are the most distant planet from the sun, and the smallest of the gas giants. Neptune has the strongest winds in the solar system, our special suits have retractable spikes so you don't get blown away!

What Can You Do?

There are many exciting activities to do while you and your loved ones stay at Glacier Resort and Spa. One of those exciting activities is mountain climb to Elsa's castle. This is located 5 miles from the resort. You can also go ice fishing while you go ice skating right outside the resort. If you love both those ideas another one you and your family will love is going skiing or snowboarding, which is 45 minutes away from your lovely get away resort.