New Teacher Academy

Supporting our New Teachers on their Journey in WCPS

WELCOMING WCPS New Teachers for 2015-2016

We appreciate your support in welcoming our teachers throughout their first year. Our new teachers that had the opportunity to attend New Teacher Academy include:

Emma K Doub Elementary: Lindsey Dawson, Dana Dogget, Meghan Duckworth

Phases of First-Year Teaching

Understanding the phases that new teachers encounter throughout their year can help us to understand the challenges they face from day to day. We'll continue to revisit this graphic during the year and provide tips and tools for support. As teachers enter the first few weeks of teaching, they may come with excitement and anxiety.

Read more about the Phases of First-Year Teaching~

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CCSS: Instructional Shifts

Brian Ansel shared the shifts that have occurred with our transition to CCSS in ELA. For background information or as a reference for your new teachers, resources can be found on the portal. ELA: Literacy in Action

NTI eNotebook: Induction Program Overview

We're excited to launch our NTI eNotebook with our new teachers at New Teacher Academy. There's wealth of information that would be great to revisit throughout the year during Lead Teacher/New Teacher meetings.

Topics we discussed throughout the week, include:

1. Mentor Visits

2. Data Collection

3. Charlotte Danielson

4. Procedures-the first day, routines, school processes, contact people, management, facilities and more

~Preview our WCPS NTI eNotebook for more details and tools that can be included during school-based meetings~

Celebrations throughout New Teacher Academy

~Looking for ways to support your new teacher this week? Here are some quick ideas to give a new teacher an extra pat on the back.

Share a note or quote with inspiration or encouragement.

Stop by his/her classroom during planning time for a quick Q & A.

Ask your new teacher to share a celebration of the day.

~Thank you for your extra support as our WCPS new teachers join the team~


Our mentors look forward to visiting your buildings within the next couple weeks. Please remember to Tweet the exciting happenings in your schools as we return this week @wcpsmd #wcpsmd.