Ready, Set, Go

Bringing the Best Together for Our Children

The Purpose of Ready, Set, Go

Children's brains grow more in the first five years of life than in the rest of their lives put together. This time of growth is crucial to the development of our children and the most important part of educational investment to be made. Ready, Set, Go is designed to bring together the early childhood professionals in our community for professional development, visioning and networking opportunities so that all children in Hobart can thrive.

Ready, Set, Go is a Cohort of Early Childhood Professionals Elevating the Support, Care and Education of our Youngest Children in Hobart

Ready, Set, Go Periodical

We will send out a bi-weekly communication that will feature professional development opportunites, articles, and networking opportunities. Monthly, this communication will spotlight a RSG partner and the work they are doing.

Monthly Professional Development Opportunities

Each month RSG will feature unique opportunities for PD around a particular Early Childhood Education issue. These may happen as stand-alone webinars and conferences we send to you in our weekly SMORE or during our monthly networking zoom.

RSG On the Go

Ever want to know what a kindergarten teacher is wishing you knew? Each month we will have a networking zoom to provide opportunities to exchange information, share ideas and look for support from one another. We are all in this together as a community to ensure that all children and families thrive!

Learning Check-ups and Parent Education

School City of Hobart would love to partner with you to provide Learning Check-ups, referrals for early intervention and parent education for your students and families. Together we can be sure to help parents and early childhood professionals monitor children's development, implement learning strategies and refer to early intervention as needed.

Showcase of Preschools

Each February, we come together to showcase all that Hobart has to offer families and young children for preschool and daycare. Sign-up is in December to be able to participate. Cost is free for all Ready, Set, Go partners and associates.