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Your Health & Wellness Support Team


We are all working to support and maintain good health. We help each other to do that through the use of doTERRA certified pure essential oils and essential oil wellness products.

One of us on the team introduced you to doTERRA. They will be your main "go to" person. However, we are all here to help each other.

Membership Overview

Your "go to" person will set up a convenient time for you either in person, or over the phone, to help get you started using your oils, and showing you how simple it is to integrate them into your daily health and wellness routine. You will also learn ways to maximize your membership. This appointment is best within 5 days of receiving your enrollment order.


An email was sent to you on the day you enrolled with your member ID. Go to and input your member ID and password. Ask the person who enrolled you if you are not able to locate the email or this information.

***You also have a website for friends and family to conveniently use to order online through you. Your website link is Go check it out!

Learn about the SHARE program & earn gifts just for sharing with friends in your first 120 Days!

Share Program


In your enrollment order, you will find the Living Brochure which explains everything about the Loyalty Rewards Program. You may have already chosen to have your LRP set up when you enrolled. You would see that on your email confirmation from doTERRA and we would have talked about that. If that's the case, your LRP may be set up, and you can go in and EDIT your existing LRP order as you choose.


If you are budget conscious, like FREE stuff, like the best deal etc., make sure your order is a Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) and NOT a standard order!!!


To create your Loyalty Rewards order for the first time, click on Create a New LRP Order. Add all the info asked for, and add your items to the cart. It lets you pick a date to process. Always pick a date before the 15th! That gets you in line for FREE stuff.

Change/EDIT your order every month, or you will get the same thing. After the order for the present month has been shipped, you can go in and edit the order to reflect what you want for the following month. You can make your changes on the order until 24 hours before your selected order date. You can place as many LRP orders as you need. Be sure to delete any extra templates. Get all the product credits you can earn for being a Loyal Member.

  • To stay in the Loyalty Rewards Program - place an order for any amount of PV
  • To earn product credits and advance your % back - place an order for 50PV or more
  • To earn money for enrolling new members - place an order of 100PV or more
  • To get the Free Product of the Month (POM) - place an order of 125PV by the 15th
  • To build a solid team structure for Power of 3 - place an order of 150PV

You can also call the company at 1-800-411-8151 and place/edit your orders directly over the phone. If you choose to enroll in this program and decide at any time to cancel, please call the company during business hours to do so. Spend any accrued points before cancelling the program.

Here's a great video walking you through how to order on LRP. She is already logged into her back office.

How to set up your doTERRA LRP Order

By enrolling as a member, you are entitled to many opportunities. From getting 25% off all your products for one year, Earning Product Credits, to Earning an Income. Contact your enroller to learn how to maximize your membership.

We look forward to helping you meet your health and wellness goals. Please reach out to the person that got you started if you have any questions or need anything. We are here to help! We have a Facebook group for all of our members. It is a place to learn about products, promotions, local events, and ask questions. Please click the link below.

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose, heal, treat, or cure any disease. Please see a qualified health provider for medical treatment.

Cynthia Velez, Wellness Advocate