Gender Stereotypes

We should be aware

Gender Stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes are simplistic generalizations of what girls, boys, women and men should look like, act like or how they should be as a group. Stereotypes can be negative or positive.

For example, newborn baby girls wear pink and boys wear blue. This doesn't have to be the case. It does not matter honestly!

Gender Stereotypes

This should not be the way we look at people, so what if I'm a girl and I play with trucks in the mud.

A huge stereotype I see in society today is that if you don't look like the gender you are then you will be looked at differently everywhere.

If you look at it the way I do then gender stereotypes is like discrimination.

If a man doesn't look like a man, you would think he's gay right?

Wrong you just thought that he shouldn't look like that and discriminated that he might be gay.

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