La'Fredrick Deshun Jackson Jr.

Enjoyer of Life

Life Bio

I plan to be an engineer or have a career where I work in the field and not have to sit in the office. I like to do many things, anything that's fun I like to do it. I started skateboarding a while ago, it's pretty fun. I also like boxing, that's fun too. It's tiring but it pushes me to work hard and do my best, it also pushed me to "get fit", before I wanted to do boxing I was really skinny and after I got interested in boxing I started working out and stuff. My dad was a boxer and he helps me out and tells me things about the sport, Mike Tyson is my favorite boxer and I think he's pretty cool even though he did what he did. Another career path I thought about is becoming a firefighter because I like helping people and I want to be able to save people's lives.

My granny has always been there for both me and my mom. Granny helped raise my mom and her sisters while their mom wasn’t able to, she is to thank for my mom being who she is today. When I was a little kid I remember staying with granny while my mom was out working, and I enjoyed the time I spent with her, I loved to help her out around the house or just follow her around for no reason. For a while it was just my papa, granny, and me around the house while my mom was at work and my aunts were at school, but then my cousins transferred over to my school so whenever I got out of school me and my cousins would all go to my grandma’s house, it was nice to have them over there because my granny only let me go outside with my friends every once in a while. I liked whenever she baked a cake, especially chocolate because she’d let me lick the spoon and the bowl, and she still does let me do that to this day. My mom and my granny do get into arguments sometimes but they eventually get over it, they didn’t get along very well when my mom was in high school, she told me about some of the arguments they had then. I’ve never argued with granny about anything, we get along very well. I’m just glad that she was always a part of my mom’s life and mine as well or I probably would be here right now.

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