Henry Ford Day

By:Noah Beck

Henry ford's parents

Henry's dad's name was William Ford. Henry's mom's name was Mary Ford. William was a farmer.

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Who is Henry Ford?

Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863. When Henry was a boy his dad opened up a watch and showed him all the gears. From that day on Henry loved to open up watches and study them. He also liked to take apart wind-up toys to study the parts. His younger brothers and sisters fought to keep away their wind-up toys from their big brother. Henry said that they were just practice to open up and study. Henry and some of his friends were watching the railroad and a train inspired them to see if they could make a small locomotive that actually ran. When the device was finished Henry turned it on but the device exploded, burning down a nearby fence.

Henry's first car

Henry's first car was the quadricycle. The quadricycle is a lot like a car today ,but with some changes. For example, the quadricycle had a stick instead of a wheel. Also the quadricycle had no roof. The quadricycle also had no sides.

some pics of henry's cars

How did Henry Ford Contribute to Society?

Henry Ford contributed to society by making traveling easier than walking or horseback riding. He also made the first gas powered car which allowed people to cover ground faster. When Henry Ford made the assembly line for his company, the job that normally lasted 12 hours lasted only 90 minutes. The workers, instead of running around the factory to get materials they didn't have, they just stayed in one place and when the car came to their spot they just put on the part as the car moved down the line.


Henry Ford died April 7th 1947. He suffered from three strokes. Two days after he died over 1000 people came to his funeral.
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