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Panda Bears

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A Pandas Ecosystem

Panda Bears live in many places where there enough bamboo for the Pandas to eat . Panda Bears live high in western mountains of china sichuan , and shaanxi forest with bamboo. As of 2010 population of the Panda stands at less than 2,500 according to the world wildlife. The panda lives in very particualr ecosystem that supports more than just this species.

What Does A Panda Bears Eat ?

Panda Bears are omnivores. They eat just about any - thing . Panda Bears are on a diet so they eat {99 percent} bamboo , and eat other things such as grass small rodents or musk deer. In zoos the zoo keepers feed Panda Bears bamboo, sugar cane , rice , a special high fiber biscuit , carrots , apples and sweet potatoes .

Panda Bear Adaptations

Panda Bears have a special fur. They have a white and black coat of fur so there toasty for the winter. Pandas do not maigate of hibornate. There big fluffy coats keep them warm during a winter point. Also there black and white fur help them to be recognize. The giant panda is an interesting and beautiful creature. The panda has a striking coat and mild temperament that sometimes translates as lazy. Pandas are an endangered species due to poaching and loss of habitat.

How Humans Can Be Harmful To Panda Bears

Panda Bears have been endagered because of big populations in china and other places . People have been moving into Panda Bears habitatswitch inclues chopping down bamboo.In china people have been making more buidings witch inclues more people into the area.

How Humans Can Help Panda Bears

Recent laws have increast gun contorl and made it illegal for a human to kill a Panda{s} .Its imporant to say that Pandas extinction is natural process that happens over hundred of thousand and even millons of years.

Other Facts

About the size of an american black bear , Panda Bears stand between two and three feet tall at the shoulder {on all four legs } and reach four to six feet long . Males are larger than females , weighing up to 250 pounds in the wild !! Females rarly reach 220 pounds. Panda Bears have muler teeth to chrush down tough bamboo.



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Panda Bears special behaviors

Panda Bears signify aggression by lowering their head and staring at their oponets and if the opnet leaves the panda may leave or chase after the opponent.