Cornell University

Major: Animal Sciences

About Cornell University

Cornell University is an Ivy League College that is known for its Veterinary Program. it is located in Ithaca New York.

Applying For Cornell University

To apply to need to have your written SAT scores, SAT scores for 2 subjects, application, 2 recommendations from teachers, high school transcript, $75 dollar fee, and you have to take an interview.

Cost of Cornell University

The tuition costs about $45,358. With others expenses including food plans, house, and personal supplies it would cost about $61,618. At Cornell they do not have a certain number of scholarships they give out. It all matters on how your GPA is and how good your SAT scores.

Food and Dorms

There are 10 different dorms that you can stay as a freshman. I found a food plan for $2,760 that allows you to have 14 meals a week.


Cornell offers basketball, bowling, indoor soccer, water polo, table tennis, tennis, softball, volleyball, horseshoes, badminton, kickball, and disc ball.

Email About Cornell

I emailed a admissions representative at Cornell University to ask more about there college. She answered most of my questions. She told me that they have Co-ed dorms and that the arrangement of room mates are made after you take a servay and they match you up with who they see fit. She also answered my question to whether jobs are available through the school which she said yes to.