Ms. C.'s First Grade Classroom

November 30 - December 4

This week:

In Reading, students practiced sequencing events to organize and summarize a story. We read two different texts about music and students were able to connect the text to the world and connect the texts to their own lives. In LA, we focused on short /o/ words, sight words and words with r-blends and l-blends. Students also learned how to identify and write declarative or telling sentences. In Writing, students published another personal narrative but were able to add details as well as add an opening and closing.

In Math, students learned to identify and count the dime. We took some time to learn how to count dimes and to count combinations of coins, like pennies, nickels and dimes. We also practiced adding and subtracting on a number grid. We continue to practice our facts to 10 and problem solving finding the missing addend.

In Science, we started talking about energy and the different types of energy sources. We discovered 3 types of energy; heat, light and sound. Next week, we will look closer at each type.

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our classroom! We have a classroom pet! She is a dwarf fire red hamster. The kids named her Rosy Star!

Upcoming Spelling Words:


Next week will be a review week.

We will review all short vowel sounds and sight words.

Upcoming events:

December 10 - Pretzel Sale

December 11 - Breakfast with Santa

December 16 - Holiday Concert ~ students that stay after the concert will receive a free

dress down day!